The Sea



Director: Cameron Richards Country:  UK Genre: Drama  Runtime: 14m Block N Screening: Close Up Cinema 24.08 Time: 1.45-3.00 pm

Jenny sits alone on a beach. As she watches for birds, she is joined by best friends, family and loved ones in a series of seemingly random encounters – all leading to a devastating conclusion. A film about the moments that make up a person’s life. Stars Anna Friel, Russell Tovey and David Elliot.

Director Biography

Cameron Richards is a 23 year old director from England. His first short film, ‘The Girl in the Bubble,’ was well received at a screening held at BAFTA in 2016, and he has recently worked with Molinare, Western Edge Pictures and War Photo Studios. He wrote ‘The Sea’ inspired by his grandmother’s life and experience. Cameron will take part in a Q&A after the screening.