The Other Rooms


Director: Philip Lüschen  Country: Netherlands Genre: Experimental, UK Premiere Runtime:  3 m Block P Screening: Close Up Cinema 24.08 Time: 4.45-6.00 pm

The Other Rooms consists of a series of video works. Lüschen builds rooms in which the exact, mechanical movement of an object is central. In reality, the rooms are scale models, which Lüschen then filmed. In his balanced scenography an architectural choreography of sculptural forms is performed that suggest a tactile quality. A hypnotic play of light and shadow accompanies the steady movement. Spectators are seduced to imaginatively enter this otherworldly universe.

Director Biography

Philip Lüschen is a visual artist and spatial designer. In 2011 he earned a bachelor’s degree at the Design Academy Eindhoven. Since then he has been commissioned for (semi) permanent installations at, among other institutions, Het Nieuwe Instituut, ING Insurance, and various municipalities across The Netherlands. Lüschen lives and works in Amsterdam, where he is a guest lecturer at the Masters of Form department of the Academy of Architecture. For his recent works he build scale-models which replicate recognizable mechanical motions from architecture and the manufacturing industry. Using film and photography, he orchestrates these movements into a poetic choreography, the roles of ‘dancers’ being taken by heavy doors, roller shutters, or raw industrial materials. Philip will take part in a Q&A after the screening.