The Lyrics That Took Me Home


Director: Jan Rufus  Country: UK Genre: Documentary Runtime: 5 m Block K Screening: Close Up Cinema 23.08 Time: 3-4.30pm

The lyrics that took me home is a short documentary that explores music, art and culture. Featuring three British young South Asian women who are carving out their careers as unique artists. Exploring the confidence these artists have to express themselves freely and honestly outside of cultural stereotypes. Highlighting their ability to remain connected to their heritage whilst having a connection to urban culture and how they merge the two within their chosen art forms.

Director Biography

Jan Rufus is a British filmmaker based in London. Jan is passionate about creating powerful documentaries that can empower and inspire change, and her work is mainly focused on challenging and breaking down stereotypes whilst giving people from under-represented communities, groups and subcultures a voice to tell their stories.