Director: Patrik Krivanek  Country: UK Genre: Documentary Runtime: 9 m Block K Screening: Close Up Cinema 23.08 Time: 3-4.30pm

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all (Aristotle). “Here, I think, I found the purpose I’d been looking for…” “Here” means for Katka H. the streets of the sacred Indian city – Varanasi. There she has decided to stay, in a place of different flavours, colours, and religions to pass on one of the most precious things – knowledge. Her hope is to make a better life for her students.

Director Biography

Patrik Krivanek is an award-winning Czech Film Director, Producer, Writer and Vice President at the University of Westminster Film Society. Patrik’s short films and projects have been screened in cinemas and film festivals around the world and have won or have been nominated for awards in the USA, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, India, and Spain. He has worked on many high-end commercials and TV programs, including Red Bull, Ferrari, Britain’s Got Talent and the world premiere of Dunkirk (Nolan, 2017). Patrik was also Assistant Director on the Czech feature film ‘The Smiles of Sad Men’ (Svatek, 2018) which has won Czech Lion (Czech BAFTA). He is BAFTA, BECTU and RTS student member.