Storytelling Masterclass

 ‘What is a story?’ How to become a great Storyteller.

Ray Grewal     Friday 18 August 2017     12.15 pm – 1.45 pm 

FREE (Please book your seat. See below) 

VENUE: Conference Room, 17-25 New Inn Yard, London, EC2A 3EA (Amnesty International UK building)


So many people set out to write a script or make a film but so few set out to tell a story – and this is obviously a mistake.  The initial impulse should always be to tell a great story – but what is a story and how do you go about telling one? 

In this 90mins masterclass writer, script editor and development exec Ray Grewal, will define what a story is and analyse the essential components that go into creating a great screenplay.

You will be inspired to start thinking of yourself as belonging to an important and valued cultural phenomenon that has existed for millennia: not the screenwriter but the storyteller.”

Ray Grewal is a freelance writer, editor, reader and tutor working for companies including the BBC, Creative England and the Writers’ Workshop. He has worked with many first-time film-makers, and is a visiting lecturer in screenwriting at Regent’s University, London. Visit Ray’s website and blog for lots of interesting articles and helpful tips: Script Play .

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