Narrative Shorts (C)

  • Directed by Jemma Cholawo & Lois Norman

1. INSIDE (UK, 1: 56) – Director Jemma Cholawo & Lois Norman

SYNOPSIS: Tender two moments of reflection by writer Lois Norman, as she keeps her 95 year-old Father close and safe at home, during Lockdown. Inside, the ‘divine feminine’ nurtures, protects and holds the memory of loved ones in our hearts. She reclaims the strength of ‘family’ and the power of Love to sustain us all.

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Jemma Cholawo is an artist and film maker from rural Devon. She uses nature as emotional metaphor in personal works, and makes environmental, educational and promotional short films for a living. You can see her work at Lois Norman is a British/Australian award winning independent film maker and writer. A previous NRFF winner, her work focuses on the bravery and diversity of the human condition. With a career in theatre and the word and a love of Art and the visual, she is currently very excited to be enjoying filmic and writing collaborations with a diverse range of Artists from all disciplines and parts of the world. For more information visit

2. ELSEWHERE (USA, 2:18) – Director Morris Callegari

SYNOPSIS: Jerry missed his train. While waiting for the next one, he is catapulted into a journey through his subconscious, exhibiting his conflicting emotions of panic and peace of mind.

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Morris Callegari is a 3D Artist from Berkeley, CA. He is currently a CG Generalist in visual effects. After college, Morris started his journey in film as a PA and eventually a Coordinator at Tippett Studio. He studied the process of filmmaking in 3D, and ultimately made a career change from production to Environment Artist. This experience prepared Morris to create his first film, Elsewhere, over the year in quarantine.

3. WHAT ABOUT ME? (UK, 3:36) – Director Lois Stevenson

SYNOPSIS: A playful take on the many faces of heartbreak; a manic journey of self-discovery and a force of feminine energy. Inspired by an original concept by knitwear designer, Megan Sharples (Knit Lyf), it follows Sanaa, a heart-broken woman possessed by a destructive being, The Love Monster, who largely narrates the film through an internal monologue.

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Lois Stevenson is a Visual Artist and award-winning Director based in London. She is drawn to the exploration of strong female identities and sexuality, set against a backdrop of sensual, dream-like scenarios and narratives. Her approach is experimental with the intention of creating an immersive experience for the viewer. Her directorial debut feature INTO THE MIRROR was multi award-winning, and won Best LGBT Film at NRFF London (2018) and Best Debut Feature at NRFF Amsterdam (2019). It has had a theatrical release in the US and distributed onto Amazon Prime.

4. LOVE HAS MANY COLOURS (7:20, UK) – Director Lili Giacobino WEBSITE

SYNOPSIS: This stop motion animation celebrate diversity in relationships. It tenderly presents the connective power of love that never discriminates between gender or colour. The film depicts a simple ‘falling in love’ between two shy men, one black and one white, who work in the same office. Through the act of sharing some biscuits they connect and we see how they spend a lifetime together from that one precious moment in time.

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Designer maker based in Kingston Upon Thames, Lili Giacobino uses her extensive skill set to create miniature worlds and tell inclusive stories. Having had a lifelong fascination with craftmanship, she makes every single set, props and character from scratch and by hand. She creates visual experiences that are tactile and full of emotion.

5. WITH TEETH* (UK, 8:47) – Director Daniel Curtis TRAILER

SYNOPSIS: A stroke survivor battles to regain his speech – while battling his own inner demons. *Emerging Talent

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Daniel Curtis is a passionate filmmaker from the UK, dedicated to telling evocative stories about working class characters. A full-time journalist and documentary/podcast producer, Daniel has worked for some of the biggest clients in the world. He’s excited to share his debut WITH TEETH on the festival circuit.

6. THE LONG WALK HOME (UK, World Premiere, 13:36) – Director Vanessa Bailey TRAILER

SYNOPSIS: A family birthday celebration is interrupted by the unexpected return of errant eldest son, Will.Once the birthday party is over, Will reveals why he’s decided to come home…

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: This is Vanessa Bailey’s second short film, following on from her multi award-winning directing debut, BUS STOP. She is currently working on two more shorts: SMALL TALK (post production) a short drama which explores men’s mental health through an encounter between two work colleagues and STUCK (pre-production) a joyful, quirky, short romantic comedy. Vanessa is also developing a feature script which she is very anxious to get cracking on! The Long Walk Home tells the age-old story of rage, rebellion and redemption, through the lens of the eldest son of a politely dysfunctional family. I wanted to explore the timeless tensions of human relationships, in all their raw complexity, bringing them to to life in a contemporary setting.

7. SOLAR ECLIPSE (France, 14:12) – Director Alireza Ghasemi & Raha Amirfazli

SYNOPSIS: Saaghi and her two friends have come to the largest park in Teheran to take pictures of the one-in-a-century total eclipse announced later in the afternoon. Mischievous and rebellious, they steal a camera stand, lie to their parents and discuss boys as well as an upcoming party. Their wanderings lead them to a remote part of the park. As the sun disappears, Saaghi sees something that should have stayed hidden.

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Alireza Ghasemi is an Iranian Filmmaker. He received his Master’s degree in Film Directing from the Tehran University of Art and has since made several short films including “Lunch Time,” which earned him a nomination for the short film Palm d’Or at Cannes Film Festival. In addition, Alireza is the International Manager of the Iranian Short Film guild (ISFA). Raha Amirfazli is an Iranian filmmaker who graduated from the same university as Alireza in Tehran. She has made several short films that have earned her national and international screenings, including Nausea. Raha is currently advancing her studies in the MFA Film Production program at New York University.

8. COCOA BUTTER KISSES* (UK, 14:54) – Director Joel Kandekore

SYNOPSIS: Nine-Nights is a funerary tradition practiced in the Caribbean. It is an extended wake that lasts for several days. Solomon, a man haunted by his father and the twisted ideals he instilled within him. He is forced to reconnect with his successful older brother- Andre over the Nine-Night celebration. Solomon’s eczema begins to worsen as the tension between the brothers rise. *Emerging Talent Short List

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Joel Kandekore is a British-Caribbean writer and director from North London. As a filmmaker, he wants to explore ideas of identity and representation to give the unspoken a voice in film. COCOA BUTTER KISSES is a film he made as a student, inspired by a personal story of grief from the loss of his father in childhood.

9. INTERRUPTIONS* (UK, 15:00) – Director George Moore Chadwick TRAILER

SYNOPSIS: Jessica bumps into a man with half a million pounds in cash, Paul attempts a FaceTime date in a restaurant, and Mick the gangster debates America’s gun laws. Follow the lives of Londoners as technology and coincidence constantly interrupt them. *Emerging Talent

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: George Moore Chadwick is a young director based in London. His last short, Anteros, Love Returned screened at festivals last year, notably the 39th Cambridge Film Festival.

10. NEAR (UK, 16:24) – Director Jassa Ahluwalia

SYNOPSIS: A young couple share fragile moments of intimacy, as they struggle to connect with reality, and each other.

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: British actor, writer and filmmaker, Jassa Ahluwalia came to prominence as loveable badboy Rocky in the hit BBC Three series Some Girls, followed by starring roles in Ripper Street and the internationally acclaimed Peaky Blinders.

11. SOBER (Netherlands, 17:17) – Director Joël Duinkerke

SYNOPSIS: As Adriana lies on her deathbed a young girl appears before her. Together they wander through the Dutch landscape of Zeeland while Adriana tries to make peace with her past. Although her life has been largely dominated by men, ‘Sober’ shows a brighter future for the next generation of women.

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: After completing a degree in social work, Joël Duinkerke began studying at Narafi Film School in Brussels: two different fields which Joël finds obvious to connect. Social work brought awareness of very different population groups and social and mental issues. These are subjects that inspire and encourage him, when he is on a quest together with actors he works with, to connect to the human being behind a written character, creating three-dimensional and complex characters. He is now working as a director of short films as well as producer of corporate films with his company ‘Cinemonk’.

12. A NEW PERSPECTIVE (France / Italy 18:26) – Director Emanuela Ponzano TRAILER

SYNOPSIS: In a dense forest, in the early morning of an unidentifiable remote era, a 12-year-old boy is concentrated in his hunt for precious objects together with his companions. Attracted by strange sounds, the boy decides to move on to an abandoned wooden hut. Through the window, the boy discovers a crying child. She seems lost. The boy decides to open the window, but once it is open, he discovers bodies piled up in a row, soldiers and a tall barbed wire. Called back by his friends to go home, the boy crosses the fence trying to find the girl. Where are we? … and when?

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Born in Brussels, Belgium and of Italian nationality, Emanuela Ponzano is a director, author and actress of cinema and theatre. She lives and works between Rome, Brussels and Paris. In 2008 she made her first two short films “Bagnasciuga” (experimental B&W 3min) and “Riflessi” (color 20min).In 2016 she directs fiction short film “La Slitta” (color 19 min), which was selected by the Silver Ribbons 2016 in Italy , and screened at more than 110 International Festivals (including NRFF London) with over 40 awards won. The film also qualified for the Oscar 2018 shortlist. Today Emanuela is preparing the screenplay for her first feature film – a dark comedy set in Belgium.

13. Q: GHOSTLY REMOTE EFFECT (Germany, 19:43) – Director Marcus Hanisch TRAILER

SYNOPSIS: In the future. A hi-tech-lab. Scientist P is testing quantum-gynoid Q and sets off on a mission to an undiscovered nature. On the journey she discovers a ghostly remote effect between herself and the robot. Will she maintain in control, when nature starts changing?


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