Narrative Shorts (A)

  • Directed by Liam Young

1. PUB KID (UK, 3:18) – Director Liam Young

SYNOPSIS: .What happens when your local playground becomes your local pub? Pie-eyed parents, lairy locals and awkward situations for a child in an adult world. Share a shandy with a pint-sized Pub Kid. A film about child neglect, awkwardness and escape.

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Liam Young is a filmmaker based in the West Midlands. His most recent film, Pub Kid, was commisioned by the BBC and appeared on BBC4 on 8th February 2021. Other notable films are “The Ketchup Conspiracy” and “Car Boot Chris”, both of which were nominated for 4 Royal Television Society Awards and he won 1 in the Comedy & Entertainment category.

2. WAITING GAME (UK, 2:00) – Director Thea Balich

SYNOPSIS: An anxious single Mum and her young daughter connect whilst waiting for their son and brother, but it’s someone else who they’re really hoping for

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Thea Balich started her career as an actress and presenter before producing lifestyle content for her local TV station. Bitten by the live TV bug she ventured into live shopping TV, and only 15 year later did she return to acting. Known for BBC Doctors, BBC Bodyguard and most recently Netflix Cursed, she’s putting her TV production skills to excellent use and taking to the Director’s chair to showcase her friends!

3. AURA (USA, 4:32) – Director Chun Chun Chang

SYNOPSIS: The story starts from the perspective of a mortal. What he sees are the fierceness and the gentleness of nature. When the affection of the goddess is intertwined with the storm, What he experiences is a dream. Or is it reality?

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Chun Chun Chang is a motion designer and filmmaker, born in Taiwan. He Graduated from USC School of Cinematic Arts and is currently based in Los Angeles. The inspiration for Aura came from choreography, Greek mythology, and the Icelandic rune. Chun Chun focused a lot on the texture of clouds to achieve an oil painting-like feeling throughout the film.

4. SC 4 (Italy, 7:45) – Director Eros D’Antona

SYNOPSIS: A woman wakes up inside her overturned car but will the man who finds her rescue her?

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Eros D’Antona was born in Taranto, Italy. He has produced and directed 4 feature films to date: Insane (2014), Haunted (2015), Die In One Day (2017), and Clownery (2018).

5. KINDRED* (UK, 9:13) – Director Ali Kurr

SYNOPSIS: Two siblings are entrusted with the sale of their nan’s house. Wanting to give their beloved childhood home a send off, though, Peggy hosts an impromptu party that throws the sale of the property into jeopardy. *15 Emerging Talent Short List

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Ali Kurr is Polish-English award-winning writer and director based in London. She cut her teeth making music videos for artists including Loyle Carner, Amber Run and Rina Sawayama while studying at the prestigious Courtauld Institute of Art. Ali has also written and directed narrative fiction, firstly with ’Sparrow’, which was made with Bafta nominated producer Sorcha Bacon, and opened BFI Flare’s ‘Calm Before The Storm’. In 2019, her narrative work was recognised by the National Youth Film Academy who selected her as one of three Emerging Brits. The award saw Ali make her next short film, ‘Kindred’ which screened at Raindance Festival.

6. THE SANDS OF TIME (UK, 14:00) – Director James Hughes

SYNOPSIS: A Time Portal in the Sands Brings a Young Couple Together.

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: James Hughes has directed hundreds of actors, and his short films have screened at 200 film festivals — his first three films were all BAFTA qualifying short films. James has just released two new short films. The first of these, The Sands of Time, won the Best Short Screenplay at NRFF London in 2018, and features an ensemble cast, including Olivia Williams (The Sixth Sense). The second, When the Rain Sets In, won a pitching contest on stage at BAFTA, and is edited by the Oscar Nominated Editor of Green Book. James has now been selected by BAFTA to be part of their BAFTA Crew programme for 2021.

7. WOMAN OF VALOUR* (UK, 15:00) – Director Dominic Davey

SYNOPSIS: Following the loss of his son in childbirth, a religious student longs to restart his family, but in order to reconnect with his distraught wife, he will first have to acknowledge his own hidden pain. A journey of self-discovery and a study into how grief can deeply affect a relationship. *Emerging Talent Short List

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Dominic Davey is a London based filmmaker, who has worked with some outstanding talent. He produced the award winning short ‘Ashmina’ (a previous NRFF winner) and co-produced ‘The Martini Shot’ starring Matthew Modine, John Cleese, and Sir Derek Jacobi. His work has taken him around the world to countries such as Qatar, Portugal, Iraq, Sweden, and Nepal. His directorial debut ‘Woman of Valour’ was awarded a grant by The Pears Short Film Fund at UK Jewish Film and he was recently awarded a John Brabourne award. He is currently developing two short scripts which are scheduled to shoot in early 2021.

8. GO JUMP IN THE RIVER (Brazil, 15:00) – Director Carla Böhler

SYNOPSIS: Two Brazilian immigrants are not only fighting for a better life in Portugual but also struggling to fathom out the boundaries between courage and vulnerability. When destiny manifests itself, to go and jump into the River Tagus seems to be all that is left.

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Carla Böhler is a Brazilian Director and Immersive Artist. She began her career in the movie industry in the late 90’s. While living in Berlin in 2001, she directed documentaries for Youth for Europe then returned to Brazil, where she built a solid career in drama, as a first AD an then as a Director. In 2019, she co-directed the pilot of the Kenyan series “Country Queen”. Carla currently works as a Director on TV Globo, the largest channel in Latin America, directing successful TV Series such as “Dark Days”, “Second Chance” and “Once were six”.

9. SLAVE TO THE PAGE (UK, 16:25) – Director Ravi Ghelani

SYNOPSIS: An obsessive fan abducts a reclusive author, to an abandoned area, in a desperate attempt to satisfy his craze and discover the plot of an unreleased novel. to me, stories are the most powerful tool to gain an understanding of the world. I am very passionate about sharing narratives with both entertaining and intellectual values.

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: For up-and-coming director Ravi Ghelani, stories are the most powerful tool to gain an understanding of the world and he is passionate about sharing narratives with both entertaining and intellectual values. Based in the UK, Ravi participated at his local BFI Film Academy in Nottingham and has since cut his teeth working on several large scale productions including Star Wars IX: Rise of the Skywalker. SLAVE TO THE PAGE tackles the subject of fan obsession and mental health in a dark, satirical fashion.

10. LIKE OLD TIMES* (Costa Rica, 17:39) – Director Rafael Alberto Saborío Viquez TRAILER

SYNOPSIS: A look into Sophie’s life, a young prostitute who lives a double life and tries to leave behind her dark past. *18

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Rafael Saborío was born in Costa Rica and is passionate about film. He briefly attended NYFA in the Gold Coast, Australia, but is mostly self taught. He is also a qualifed lawyer and has been making short films alongside his busy career for more than 10 years.

11. MTI (Chile, 18:00) – Director Mauricio Corco

SYNOPSIS: Mti (29), an haitian inmigrant, after years of saving money during his stay in Chile decides to return with his wife and daughter in Haiti. However, his plans will be truncated by the unexpected theft of his money.

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Mauricio Corco is a film director and screenwriter from Chile. He graduated from the University of Valparaíso and as a student, wrote the script to his first short film “Al Margen” (2011), which premiered at Cinélatino, Rencontres de Toulouse. His graduation short film, “Reo” (2017) premiered at Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival and first professional short film, “Yun” (2019) premiered at the 30th version of Kinoforum Festival. Lead actor / actress Schilo Abelard.

12. OFFICER DOWN* (UK, 18:33) – Director Simon Pearce TRAILER

SYNOPSIS: A young British police officer, trapped during civil unrest, must overcome his fears and bias, to save an enemy that could be his only hope…*15

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Simon Pearce began making films in his teens. He directed his first feature SHANK in 2008, a coming of age drama set in his hometown of Bristol. The film went on to play in over 60 film festivals around the world and was released on DVD in the UK and US in 2009. In 2015 his second feature was released, “Judas Ghost”, a supernatural horror filmed in a single location and written by New York Times best-selling author Simon R. Green. OFFICER DOWN is very much a passion project for him, and a culmination of everything he has learnt and made so far.

13. ALL THAT GLITTERS (UK, World Premiere, 23:20) – Director Dan Bronzite

SYNOPSIS: A desperate teenager snatches a rich woman’s handbag but in a bizarre twist of fate discovers her life is not as rosy as it seems and that they have more in common than he realizes.

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Dan Bronzite studied photography and graphic design before pursuing his passion for cinema and a full time career in film. He directed his first short FINDERS, KEEPERS while living in the Big Apple and studying at the New York Film Academy. This micro-budget Hitchcockian film-noir picked up numerous awards and was warmly received at international festivals. He has written several feature specs for the US and UK and has been commissioned for writing assignments and novel adaptations including ELLA by Uri Gellar, DRIVEN by Andrea Badenoch and FILTH by Irvine Welsh. Dan has worked with BAFTA-winning producer James-Gay Rees (SENNA, AMY) on his original teen horror LONG TIME DEAD for Working Title Films which released internationally through Universal. ALL THAT GLITTERS follows two disparate strangers from different sides of the track whose paths cross by chance and whose lives are connected through domestic violence — an issue Dan is keen to raise awareness about. The film stars Sophia Myles and Alec Newman.

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