Music & Dance Shorts (B)

  • Directed by Lucian Alexandrov

1. LA DOMENICA DELLE SALME (Romania, 4:30) – Director Lucian Alexandrov TRAILER

SYNOPSIS: The video is a dystopic story about an alien doctor who analyses humans only to find out something disturbing about them.

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Director Lucian Alexandrov works for a creative agency called LUNO based in Romania that uses intelligence to gain perspective, creativity to emphasize it, and craft to produce objects of desire.

2. NAILS (UK, 02:55) – Director Versus Studio WEBSITE

SYNOPSIS: There is a saying, “Sticks and stones will hurt my bones but words will never hurt me.”. Wisdom says, “Kind words heal and help; cutting words wound and maim.” This music video explores the paradox.

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Versus Studio make music with purpose.

3. FLYING HOME (UK, 4:38) – Director Simeon Qsyea TRAILER

SYNOPSIS: “Flying Home” explores the idea of self-isolation in this current world pandemic.

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Co – Founder of BirdGang Ltd, Simeon Qsyea is a London based writer, director and choreographer. His fascination to investigate, challenge and create has seen him work on a range of projects in many different mediums such as film, TV and live performance around the world. BirdGang is a leading UK company that creates, teaches and distributes Avant Garde dance content for stage, theatre, film and online. Leaders in hip hop theatre, they are known internationally for high-quality choreography and performance. He has worked on shows such as “So You Think you can Dance” to Sadler’s Wells “Stravinsky 100 year Anniversary”, music videos with Will.I.AM to Circus shows (“POP”) at the Roundhouse.

4. BLAST (UK, 5:12) – Directors Joshua Ben-Tovim and Roseanna Anderson TRAILER

SYNOPSIS: BLAST takes its cue from the growth of radical ideologies and modern art in London, 1914.

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Roseanna Anderson and Josh Ben-Tovim are the Co-directors of Bristol-based company, Impermanence and previous NRFF winners. The company creates and presents critically acclaimed work, with dance at it’s centre, in different media and settings, including theatre, film, cabaret and site-specific projects. The film was inspired by the Vorticist journal – BLAST – which was edited by Wyndham Lewis. The journal included short stories, numerous illustrations, poems and a manifesto signed by 11 artists including Ezra Pound and Gaudier Brzeska. The film evokes the pulsing energy of early modernism with its experiments in form and desire to manifest a utopian future.


SYNOPSIS: A girl falls in love with a dolphin. What takes place 10 months later shocks the villagers and arouses their anger. A re-imagining of the mermaid myth for Taiwanese pop artist Jolin Tsai.

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Outerspace Leo is a versatile, all-round director, specialising in advertisements, music videos, online videos, movies, documentaries, and TV shows. His first film “Attitude” (2008) won Best Documentary at The Asian Festival of First Films in Singapore. In 2016, his brilliant MV for Jane Zhang’s “Dust My Shoulders Off” aroused global attention and has won numerous awards worldwide.

6. THE SWAN (UK, 6:33) – Director Eve McConnachie TRAILER

SYNOPSIS: The lake is a pool of light. The strong, graceful Odette captivates us, surrounded by arching backs, spiralling arms and mesmerising formations. David Dawson’s daring, visceral choreography from Swan Lake is perfectly paired with the rich, romantic Tchaikovsky score. The Swan. With an all-female cast led by Principal Constance Devernay.

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Eve McConnachie has a passion for portraying dance on screen. As in-house filmmaker for Scottish Ballet, she creates trailers, behind-the-scenes documentaries and short dance films for the company. Recently her film ‘Frontiers’ – a collaboration with Choreographer Myles Thatcher – premiered in 2019 as part of Scottish Ballet’s pioneering Digital Season and was screened twice by NRFF in 2020/21.

7. EDGING NORMAL (US, 10:49) – Director Andre Bato

SYNOPSIS: A metaphorical tale of a man’s struggle in letting go of his past in order to feel completely free. “Edging Normal” finds dancer Desmond Richardson channelling and interpreting the emotional journey of our protagonist. The film is a bitter sweet ode to the cyclical nature of one of many human struggles: growth.

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: In 2008, Andre Bato moved from Italy to California to produce editorial work for VOGUE, V Magazine and GQ, in addition to developing photo creative for the likes of Reebok, Alexandre Plokhov, and CHAMPION. Today he is based in New York City where he founded his eponymous creative agency and production company ANDRE BATO CORP in 2017. He has since gone on to direct commercial work for brands such as NIKE, Zegna, Spotify, and Pepsi. Andre’s main focus has always been to reinterpret any medium he works with.

8. LOCKED DOWN (UK, 12:01) – Director Jordan James Bridge

SYNOPSIS: This is a dance film birthed during the Covid-19 pandemic and inspired by personal experiences that were brought forth by having to isolate. It is is a window into the restrictive mental and emotional states felt during quarantine and the longing for freedom.

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Manchester-born Jordan James Bridge started dancing at the age of 14 and then went on to train at the London Contemporary Dance School where he worked with Kerry Nicholls, Richard Alston and Tony Adigun. Jordan has toured extensively across the world with Company Wayne McGregor and performed pieces such as FAR, Atomos, Tree of Codes & Autobiography, as well as performances recorded for the BBC. Jordan is currently Resident Choreographer for Berkshire County Dance Company Youth which has won awards under his creative direction. In 2019, he won Best Choreographer at NRFF london for the dance film ‘US,’ and this year his choreography is also featured in SEANCE (see Music and Dance block A).

9. ENVAHISSEURS (France, 16:17) – Director Deicy Sanches

SYNOPSIS: Dancers invade an empty church and very quickly the place disappears to make way for bodies that form a circle, in which hides something that we cannot see, but which the dancers in the centre powerfully transmit to us.

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Deicy Sanches is a film director and artistic director based in Paris. At university she majored in Cinema and Audiovisual studies and afterwards began making documentaries and short films. In addition to directing, Deicy is a seasoned hip-hop and modern jazz dancer.

10. ПUZZLE (Russian Federation, 19:00) – Director Anastasiya Sovashchenko

SYNOPSIS: Creativity is that puzzling and illusive process that can hinder or illuminate the human spirit. The process is like passing from room to room.  This film uses dance to communicate the moments when a person experiences that ‘eureka’ moment.

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: ПUZZLE BY Anastasiya Sovashchenko won Best Dance Short at NRFF Amsterdam 2021.

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