Mi O Le Ku (Survival)

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Director: Remi Laudat  Country: UK Genre: Drama Runtime: 15 m Block B Screening: TT Cinema 21.08 Time: 5.30-6.45 pm

A frustrated young man, who struggles to nurture his talent for art against the harsh realities of growing up in a single parent home within a working class area, Jakob abandons his creative passions to follow the easiest perceived path presented to him: becoming a small time “shotta” (drugs dealer) and hustler. We follow him through a usual day, handling ‘business’ with his ‘friends’. Yet things quickly become more complicated, spiralling into realms unknown as visions of his African ancestry push him in the direction to reach his full potential. To become the man he is destined to be.

Director Biography

Remi Laudat initially trained as a dancer (ballet and contemporary) before shifting into filmmaking. Now Laudat has ensconced himself as a director in his own right, creating fashion films and music videos for British talent such as Rebecca Ferguson, Raheem Bakare and Joy Crookes. His directorial style centres heavily around beauty, whether rugged or pristine, and works to evoke emotion within his audience using impactful visuals and imaginative storytelling. His latest creative venture Mi o le kú explores the theme of the African diaspora in London today and the internal struggle a young man faces as he attempts to connect with his ancestry.