FRIDAY 24.08.18      


VENUE: Amnesty International HQ, Conference Room (1st Floor), 17-25 New Inn Yard, London, EC2A 3EA. NEAREST TUBE: Shoreditch High Street MAP 

NOTICE: The lift is currently out of order. 

BULLET-PROOF YOUR CROWDFUND: How to avoid classic crowdfund fails and get your script onto a set. Facilitator: Vanessa Bailey

Time: 12-1.30PM (90mins)

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Around half of all crowdfunds fail. But that’s not because crowdfunding doesn’t work. It’s because all of these crowdfunds will be making at least one classic mistake which means their crowdfund is destined for failure.

With six crowdfunds under her belt (on both Indiegogo and Kickstarter) Vanessa will walk you through the most common mistakes that are guaranteed to destroy your crowdfund. And show you how to avoid them. She’ll share her tried and tested rules for running an engaging, creative and successful campaign. How do you choose the crowdfunding platform? How do you ask for money without actually asking for money? What’s the point of social media and what do you do with it? How much money should you ask for? Do you need to have cast and crew on board before you crowdfund? What should your pitch video be like and who should be in it? Includes time for Q&A.


This will be a practical masterclass that will leave you with a clear picture of how to begin, complete and manage your crowdfund from concept, through the campaign, into perk fulfillment and beyond.


Vanessa is an award-winning actress, writer, filmmaker and serial crowdfunder. She also casts when asked to! She has no formal training in any of the disciplines she works in, but has managed to blag her way through things so far.

Acting credits include TV dramas EastEnders, Southcliffe and True Horror, quite a few commercials and indie films. She cast and script consulted for the online comedy series Meet the Nativity.

Her first short film “Seeing Him” has screened at film festivals around the world, winning 11 awards including Best Actress, Best Screenplay, Best Short, Best Score and Best Drama. The script for her second short film “Bus Stop” has one five awards and (following a successful crowdfund!) shoots this August with Vanessa directing for the first time. You can find Vanessa on Twitter as @vbaileyactor. Vanessa is repped by Rosie Bennett at Simon How. 


CREATE A SUCCESSFUL INDIE FEATURE FILM – A masterclass with FIRST FLIGHTS (A Goldfinch Studio Initiative)

Time: 1.45-3.15PM (90mins)

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Together, First Flights Producers Nick Sadler (left) and Keith Kehoe (right) bring a wealth of film industry knowledge and experience to the table, in this 90 minute masterclass. 

You will learn how to raise the money for your feature and the difference between micro budgets and indie budgets; what makes a great production team and how to build one around you; how to get your film distributed; and how to market your film effectively, using PR and social media. Includes time for Q&A. 


Discover all the essentials to getting your first feature off the ground, and identify what your personal goals are for making a film and what success means to you. Also, find out what First Flights are looking for and how to submit your idea.


First Flights is a Goldfinch Studio initiative to provide first-time Directors with the opportunity to create financially successful indie feature films and launch their international profiles as successful filmmakers.

As they build a pool of young and emerging Directors, First Flights will have a ‘stake’ by way of ‘first look deal’ to provide a reliable and brilliant source of projects to the  Goldfinch Studios ecosystem.

In return, they offer a holistic service from Goldfinch Studios and all the businesses that we encompass; production, finance, facilities and sales.


HOW TO TELL A GREAT STORY – What is a story and how do you go about telling one? Facilitator: Ray Grewal

Time: 3.30-5PM (90mins)

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So many people set out to write a script or make a film but so few set out to tell a story – and this is obviously a mistake. The initial impulse should always be to tell a great story – but what is a story and how do you go about telling one? 

In this 90mins masterclass writer, script editor and development exec Ray Grewal, will define what a story is and analyse the essential components that go into creating a great screenplay. Includes time for Q&A.


You will be inspired to start thinking of yourself as belonging to an important and valued cultural phenomenon that has existed for millennia: not the screenwriter but the storyteller.


Ray Grewal is a freelance writer, editor, reader and tutor working for companies including the BBC, Creative England and the Writers’ Workshop. He has worked with many first-time film-makers, and is a visiting lecturer in screenwriting at Regent’s University, London. You can find Ray on Twitter as @Scriptplayer101.