Leagues Apart

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Director: Sam Holland  Country: UK Genre: Drama Runtime: 17 m Block B Screening:  TT Cinema 21.08 Time: 5.30-6.45 pm

Set in West Yorkshire, with the Rugby League world as it’s backdrop, ‘Leagues Apart’ is a story of two estranged friends brought back together by the untimely death of their childhood rugby coach- forcing them to confront their relationship with their hometown, with each other, and with the man who helped them along the way. Examining ideas around belonging, friendship and death, Leagues Apart will warm your heart and might even tickle your bones- leaving you wondering, how much of who you really are is where you’re from? And what have you left behind?

Director Biography

Sam Holland was born in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, and has over a decade of experience in film, television, stage and radio. In 2009 he played the lead in the Oscar Nominated Short Film ‘Wish 143’ alongside Jim Carter, Chanel Cresswell and Jodie Whittaker for which he was nominated for an RTS Award. Other roles include Shameless, Waterloo Road and Moving On. Holland, along with co-writer and producer Sam Beresford formed Bloody Bandit Productions in 2017 through a shared drive to create challenging, relevant and accessible films. As working class actors, Holland and Beresford have a passion for honest, socially-realistic storytelling, and a commitment to create opportunities for underrepresented northern talent.