Land of Winter


Director: Tommy Creagh Country: Ireland Genre: Young Talent, Drama Runtime: 14 m Block L Screening: Close Up Cinema 23.08 Time: 4.45-6pm

A lost young man staggers through Dublin’s cold streets desperately trying to find somewhere still serving on a dark winter’s night on the brink of snowfall. Inspired by the work of James Joyce.

Director Biography

Tommy Creagh is an award-winning English – Irish filmmaker. Land of Winter is his second short film in a series that explores growth, loss, and man’s place within nature. It follows on from Father of the Man which is a film about a young man who is struggling to come to terms with the loss of his idyllic childhood, and his longing to return to a more innocent and simpler time. This second film thematically picks up here, only instead of being about a fall from grace, we see the aftermath: a young man beyond the point of return, trapped in the routine of his alcoholism, and incapable of change, brief flashes of drunken optimism take him out onto the street, but his own nature and trauma tragically send him home alone in a painfully predictable manner, the past weighing heavy on his shoulders.