Janek / Bastard

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Director: Muriel Naim Country: USA Genre: Drama Runtime: 19 m Block P Screening: Close Up Cinema 24.08 Time: 4.45-6.00 pm

Krzysztof, an 11 year old Christian boy, lives with his parents in a small village in Eastern Poland of 1942. Due to the family’s illiterate nature and deserted location, the War is less felt in the Rutas household, and the small family remains mostly secluded in the deep Stalowa-Wola forest. As Krzysztof’s father, Karl, decides to hide an Aryan-looking Jewish boy in the family’s house, Krzysztof faces a forecoming power struggle and a fear for his own place within the family. In his delicate manners, Janek (10) prompts Karl’s attention, which quickly flares up Krzysztof’s jealousy. Inspired by true events.

Director Biography

Muriel Naim is an Israeli Theatre & Film director, emerging from Tel-Aviv’s art & music scene. She graduated with honours from Thelma Yellin school of the Arts, where she has mentored under Israeli-Lithuanian theatre director Arthur Kogan, followed by film director Yariv Horowitz. While studying in the Film Directing program in Calarts, Muriel wrote, directed and shot JAVIER, a 5-minute short which was selected to open the 2015 Film Directors showcase at REDCAT theatres in Los Angeles, and was since distributed to several International companies & cinematheques. Muriel’s films delve into the core of the human condition, explore taboos, emotion and transgression through visceral storytelling, and provoke the classical narrative structure.