Home Care


Director: Thoedor Solin Country: Sweden Genre: Drama Runtime: 14 m Block B Screening: TT Cinema 21.08 Time: 5.30-6.45 pm

During Christmas time in Stockholm, Alex, a carer for the elderly, has struck a partnership with the charming Leon, one of his patients. Leon has become a mentor to him and enlists Alex to carry out petty crimes on his behalf, stealing from other elderly clients. Things change when Alex starts to question Leon’s motives, finding himself caught up in a family feud that gets increasingly out of hand.

Director Biography

Theodor Solin (b. 1993) is a Swedish director living in Stockholm. He is trained at the European Film College in Denmark and a recent graduate of Edinburgh College of Art in Film & TV. He discovered his passion for filmmaking while living in Shanghai. In Sweden he has worked as a director’s assistant and camera assistant on feature films for directors such as; Axel Petersén, Måns Månsson and Jesper Ganslandt.  His short films have been screened at Göteborg Film Festival, FilmBath Festival, Soundtrack Cologne and Stockmotion Film Festival.