Historic Drama Shorts

  • Directed by Delphine Seignon

1. IN NOMINE PATRIS (France 10:13) – Director Delphine Seignon TRAILER

SYNOPSIS: Two spies of the King of France infiltrate a plot by the Vatican to assassinate him.

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Delphine Seignon is an actress and director, known for Blanche Comme Neige (2014), Nereïda 4 (2017) and In Nomine Patris (2019). Delphine directs and stars in this action packed 17th century thriller shot in the stunning Château de Fontainebleau, France.

2. MA’AM* (UK 15.00) – Director Joy Wilkinson TRAILER

SYNOPSIS: MA’AM is Queen Victoria as you’ve never seen her before – the original ‘Instamum’, struggling with post-natal depression while facing a photo shoot to show off her perfect family to the world. The dark, funny and moving story of a woman spiralling under the pressure of expectations. *Emerging Talent Short List

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Joy Wilkinson is an award-winning writer and Screen International ‘Star of Tomorrow’, who has worked successfully across film, theatre and television drama before making her directorial debut with MA’AM, which won funding from the Female Film Force initiative. Joy’s previous work includes two feature screenplays selected for the Brit List, as well as the critically-acclaimed BBC series NICK NICKLEBY and THE WITCHFINDERS episode of DOCTOR WHO starring Jodie Whittaker and Alan Cumming.

3. ARENA* (USA 13.24) – Director Myles Clohessy

SYNOPSIS: A story of forbidden love. An LGBTQ drama set in Ancient Rome. Arena tells the incredible true story of the adopted son of one of Rome’s cruelest emperors who must choose between his life as the future ruler of the Ancient world or a love and friendship once forcefully forgotten. *18

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Myles Clohessy is an Irish-American Director, Writer and Actor based out of New York City. He grew up excelling in sports and ended up playing Division 1 college soccer at Central Connecticut State University before transferring to pursue his acting degree full time at the renowned Conservatory of Acting at SUNY Purchase and then at the Drama Centre in London. He has since been seen steadily on prime time network TV and major indie films and is currently directing feature films. ARENA is a splendid action film with lots of complex fight scenes.

4. ENEMY BLOOD (Denmark 29:59) – Director Klaus Hjuler TRAILER

SYNOPSIS: Finn is a member of a resistance group in Nazi occupied Denmark. His group gets an assignment to kill a Danish Nazi collaborator, and Finn volunteers for the assassination squad. But Finn has a secret that has very personal consequences.

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Klaus Messerschmidt Hjuler is a stuntman, actor and film director based in Denmark. Mainly established as a stuntman, he has worked on numerous productions since 1986. He has directed several short films. His vision for Enemy Blood was to make a moody, visually striking drama set in a dangerous and tumultuous time in Danish history. ENEMY BLOOD raises the question of what is “evil”. How and when is someone evil? Is evil complete? Is it in the blood?

5. GOOD MORNING! THIS IS LANA* (USA 17:02) – Director Sergio M Vaccaro

SYNOPSIS: The truth behind a cheery wake-up caller’s life in the 1970s South begins unravelling with each call she makes. *Emerging Talent

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Sergio M Vaccaro is a writer and director based in Brooklyn, NY. A student of Emerson College, Prague’s FAMU Studios and the Barrow Group. He is an avid reader and watcher, constantly inspired to contribute to the eternal world of story. His film is shot on 16mm Kodak film, over the course of 3 days, in Brooklyn, NY by a local NYC cast and crew.

6. A FATHER’S JOB* (Germany 19:45) – Director Frank Christian Wagner TRAILER

SYNOPSIS: In 1940’s Germany, Johann’s role in the war separates him from his Jewish wife and child. When her letters stop arriving he fears a previous flirtation has distracted her, and nothing will be the same again. **Emerging Talent Short List

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Frank Wagner founded his production company ECHOFABRIK in 2010. A FATHER’S JOB is his directorial narrative short film debut.

7. THE WRITING BOX (UK 29:00) – Director Tijana Mamula

SYNOPSIS: In the late 1930s, a boarding school bully schemes and dreams her way from the gloom of England to the promises of colonial India.

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Tijana Mamula is a Serbian-Italian filmmaker and writer based in the UK. Her work is deeply intermedial, focused on processes of adaptation and cross-contamination among film, photography, literature and theory. Freely adapted from Geraldine McCaughrean’s acclaimed children’s story, THE WRITING BOX blends plot-driven storytelling with experimental techniques of citation and collage.

8. SOLVI* (UK 11:33) – Director Joseph Archer TRAILER

SYNOPSIS: A Danish warrior, living in Saxon England, tries to convince her fellow villagers to flee their homes, due to the threat of an imminent Viking raid. However, the Anglo-Saxon community turns on itself, leaving it divided and defenceless when the Vikings arrive. *Emerging Talent

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Joseph Archer is an award-winning director and producer from the Midlands, UK. Currently, A member of the National Youth Film Academy, Joseph is overseeing promotion of Solvi (2020) and in pre-production of his next short The Mean Spirited (2021) as well as running his production company Window Zebra Productions. SOLVI pushed him to the limits of his filmmaking abilities with stunts, fire, 50 actors, swords and a big story with a small budget. But it was a challenge he loved doing.

9. ABOUT GERMAN WOMEN (Germany 26:19) – Directors Kevin and Tobias Schmutzler TRAILER

SYNOPSIS: Ingolstadt 1929: In search of the “German Woman”, the young author Marieluise Fleißer creates her emancipated alter ego in her novel character Frieda Geier, who knows how to assert herself in a male-dominated business world. Fleißer herself, however, suffers from the female discrimination of her time, the influence of her controlling fiancé Draws-Tychsen and her own self-doubts, until her character Frieda suddenly shows up on her doorstep and turns her life upside down.

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Kevin and Tobias Schmutzler have been directing films together since they were kids. In 2018, the brothers released their feature debut ROBIN, a social impact movie that was shot in South Africa and screened at more than 40 international festivals. It won the Best of Fest award at the New Renaissance London Film Festival 2018. In their latest movie, Marieluise Fleißer’s lifelong struggle for emancipation is inspiring and reflected in the strong female characters of her stories that were deemed harmful by the Nazis, and subsequently banned.

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