Director: Holly Warburton Country: UK Genre: Animation Runtime: 4 m Block G Screening: TT Cinema 22.08 Time: 7-8.15pm

Flâneur is an animated short that captures an experience of wandering through the city at night, against the vibrant backdrop of artificial light as it emanates from pubs and club doorways. Each scene is based on an observational drawing from time spent documenting London at night, bringing the film into a contemporary setting. The themes of this film are communicated through contrasts of colour, which generate emotive images that encourage moments of quiet reflection from the viewer. The film’s visuals and creative approach is informed by the Impressionists, whose vivid use of colour brought sensations into scenes of everyday urban society.

Director Biography

Holly Warburton is an illustrator and animator from London, recently graduated from Kingston University. She begins every self-directed project as an active observer, looking for meaningful, transitory moments in human behaviour. Holly finds these moments when immersed in a crowd at a concert or when looking into ‘foggy’ bar windows along the streets of Soho. To create her animations, she reworks observational drawings into digital illustrations, refining elements of the composition and overall colour scheme. Photoshop allows Holly to adapt the imagery for animation and use After Effects to add life and movement to these drawings.