Features (D)

  • Directed by Giovanni Coda

1. HISTOIRE D’UNE LARME* (Italy, 01.15) – Director Giovanni Coda

SYNOPSIS: A documentary, experimental feature based on the book “Ocean Terminal” by Piergiorgio Welby. “When a terminally ill patient decides to give up his affections, his memories, his friendships, his life and asks to put an end to his cruelly ‘biological’ survival, I believe that his will must be respected and embraced with the pietas that constitutes the strength and coherence of secular thought.” *15

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Giovanni Coda is an Italian film director, author, screenwriter and photographer born in Cagliari. He is the creator of video-photographic installations in international museums and galleries, including the Biennale of Video Art in Venice and Milan, the Cultural Salon Aoyama in Tokyo, the Waterman’s Arts Centre in London, the Maison d’Italie in Paris, the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid and others. Giovanni’s extensive filmography includes L’attesa (1995), L’ombra del ricordo (1996), Il passeggero (1998), Tagli (1998), Lìmites (1999), Drawing (2000), Serafina (2002), Big Talk (2005), Il Rosa Nudo (2013); Bullied to Death (2016); Xavier (2017); and Mark’s Diary (2019). Many of his films deal with the complexities of sexuality, the untold stories of Queer people and the challenges of social acceptance in a post-modern world. Bullied to Death dealt with the tragic true story of a young teen who committed suicide because of the homophobia he suffered from his peers, and won the Humanity Award at the New Renaissance Film Festival in Amsterdam for socio-cultural merits, as well as many other awards internationally. His new film Histoire d’Une Larme, is inspired by the book Ocean Terminal by Piergiorgio Welby. He is also involved in the production of a new film dedicated to femicide: Bride In The Wind (expected to be released in 2022).

2. TO NOWHERE* (UK, 01:39) – Director Sian Astor-Lewis

SYNOPSIS: A chaotic day trip spins out of control, as two troubled teenage friends grapple with love and trauma. *15

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Sian won Best Director at Brighton Rocks Film Festival for her debut feature film, TO NOWHERE, which has also won a number of other awards. After a BA in Filmmaking, Sian did an MA in Screenwriting at Goldsmiths University in 2012. Her screenplay TO NOWHERE was a Finalist at the New Renaissance Film Festival London in 2017. She also wrote/directed the short film, SHAKE IT OFF, which NRFF nominated for Best Female Filmmaker and Best Social Realism Film. Her radio play Telephone won the Roundhouse Radio Competition in 2014 and was broadcast. Currently, Sian is developing her next feature project, continuing to explore key topics of queerness, self-destructive characters and sexuality.

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