Features (A)

  • Directed by Miroslav Bambušek

1. BLOOD KIN* (Czech Republic, 01:25) – Director Miroslav Bambušek TRAILER WEBSITE

SYNOPSIS: This drama is a metaphorical journey that reflects the post-war events in the Czech-German borderland. Although it takes place in the present, it connects with the past through the imagination of Otto Hille. Otto is a man from a Czech-German family, displaced in life and disconnected from his hum drum job and family life. He prepares an expedition for the old and seriously ill Leopold Schwarz. Leopold understands the journey to be a cleansing experience, to make amends for his past wrongs. But when they arrive at their destination, the group pass through to the underworld where they experience the horrors of Leopold’s purgatory. Otto escapes to the place of his ancestors – the ruined German village of Vitín. There, Leopold appears to Otto and reveals to him the secret he is hiding, and that Otto is carrying. The past is a key to the present for them both. However, this may not bring the sought-after liberation both men are searching for. *18

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Miroslav Bambušek is a Czech playwright, film and play director. He has authored more than forty plays, two opera librettos, and film scripts. He has worked for the National Theatre, Divadlo Na zábradlí, HaDivadlo, and the Studio Hrdinů. His projects have earned him many domestic awards such as the Alfréd Radok Award, and the Divadelní noviny Prize. His film – John Huss – A Mass for Three Dead Men, won the Andrej Stankovič Award. BLOOD KIN is a masterpiece in experimental filmmaking. There are dark moments in the film, as we journey into Leopold’s purgatory but Bambušek, with his artistic eye for detail and beautifully lit sets, creates images on the screen that are surreal and one of a kind. The movie’s climax is truly brilliant.

2. AS FAR AS POSSIBLE (Ukraine, 01:11) – Director Ganna Iaroshevych TRAILER

SYNOPSIS: This is a story of a young German man Michel, whose dream is to lead a simple life far from civilization. He lives in the Ukrainian mountains and is taking care of endangered animals – water buffaloes. After 10 years of being a loner, Michel falls in love with Vera, a woman from his hometown in Germany, who has two small kids from the previous relationships. Michel moves back to Germany and for 2 years is trying to create a new family with Vera. However, Michel chooses his old life over Vera and moves back to the Ukraine alone, to pursue his dream of living in the wild.

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Ganna Iaroshevych lives and works as a filmmaker and communication strategist in the Ukraine. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and a Master’s degree in Creative Media Practice, which she gained at the University of Sussex in 2014. While studying in the UK, she worked as a freelance video maker and editor for TV and independent film projects. Since 2014, Ganna has been working for Babylon’13 as a film director and editor. She has completed 10 short documentaries for their YouTube channel. AS FAR AS POSSIBLE is her debut full-length documentary, which she has been working on for the last four years. The film was mainly shot in the Carpathian Mountains and gives the film a real sense of beauty.

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