Emerging Talent Shorts (A)

  • Directed by Lissi Simpson

1. MĒXED* (UK 5:00) – Director Lissi Simpson

SYNOPSIS: “If ‘frizzy’ is just a word, why do I hate it so much?” Mėxed tells a collective story of biracial (Black & White) women, using spoken word, natural allegory and dance to comment on micro-aggressions placed upon afro-hair terminologies. *Emerging Talent Short List

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Lissi Simpson is a Jamaican-British writer and director from Lewisham, South London. Her work focuses on promoting inclusive spaces for marginalised groups to find & express their sense of “self”. Her work has been longlisted by BBC Studios, screened at Raindance Festival in 2020, as well as the BFI Waterloo IMAX. Since 2021, she has been working as a Trainee Script Editor, backed by Sky Studios.

2. PAPERCUT* (UK 6:35) – Director Edward Heredia

SYNOPSIS: Juvenile offender Carter is released on bail. After an argument with his alcoholic mother, their distance grows. Carter decides to run away from home and as he atones for his actions, their turbulent relationship unfolds with a gripping combination of rage and tenderness. *Emerging Talent Short List

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Edward Heredia is a Colombian up-and-coming director based in London. Edward began working with the BBC and Screen South as part of the New Creatives funding scheme to develop his first commercial short film “PAPERCUT” for BBC Arts. Inspired by the idea of escapism and the hardships of young vulnerable people, PAPERCUT explores the struggles the youth face living in modern England through a poetic exploration of broken family dynamics, violence and criminality.

3. GIRL (Germany, 8:50) – Director Silvana Damm TRAILER

SYNOPSIS: Ada, an adolescent from a poor single-parent family, gets her first period while her mother is at work. Having to take care of her younger sisters, they embark on a mission to the convenience store to purchase sanitary pads. But short of money, Ada’s anger at her helplessness takes over in a shocking finale.

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Silvana Damm is an independent director, writer and actress from Berlin. Following the passion of storytelling, she has gained experience both in front and behind the camera. When cast in the Canadian feature film “Kreuzberg” she started as an actress and ended as a second AD after having completed her shooting days for her role. Further acting credits include “Anette” by Leos Carax and Germany’s new crime series “Blutige Anfänger”. Girl (Mädchen) is her short film debut.

4. IN ISOLATION (UK, 10:00) – Director Edmund C. Short TRAILER

SYNOPSIS: A short social narrative film about three housemates confined to their home during a severe military lockdown.

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Edmund C. Short is a London based Actor, Writer and Director originally from Yorkshire. ‘In Isolation’ is his first written and directed short film, which he also stars in. Written during the first UK lockdown in 2020, IN ISOLATION was inspired by the events at the time socially, politically and personally. He is currently in the writing stage of a project for Television.

5. PERSISTENCE OF THE PAST* (UK, 11:00) – Director Joseph Cassidy

SYNOPSIS: As an elderly Jewish lady, Ruth, surveys an act of modern day anti-Semitism she goes back in her mind to her own childhood in Germany and the events that prompted her parents to send her on the kindertransport to England to escape Nazi Germany. *Emerging Talent Short List

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Joseph is a Royal Television Society Bursary Alumni, a title given to only 20 people each academic year across UK Universities. He has worked for Ridley Scott Associate Films and was personally mentored by David Evans, a director known for Downton Abbey (2012-2015), Preacher (2017) and Jamestown (2018). He has built up 5 years of experience both on set from high end production dramas, and off set working for in house production companies both domestically and internationally. He chose to direct this film debut to raise awareness of modern day anti-semitism by drawing on the parallels of the past and present. The idea was inspired by a story of an 80 year old Holocaust survivor, who was murdered by her neighbour for being Jewish.

6. LOVE OF WORDS WORDS OF LOVE (UK, 12:16) – Director Fortis Simons

SYNOPSIS: In a world where you pay for the words you speak, Eden, a young violinist with only a handful of words to her name, seeks to fulfil her sister’s final wish.

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Fortis Simons is a London-based writer, director and poet in his final year at the University of York studying Film and Television. The inspiration for LOVE OF WORDS WORDS OF LOVE came from his own personal journey with spoken language; growing up in an environment in which he felt he had to pay for each and every word. This imaginary world is a springboard to explore society’s relationship with words. The film is an intimate portrayal of sisterhood’s silent courage; a poetic exploration of our current delicate relationships with language, silence and artistic forms of communication.

7. ASKA* (Canada, 14:00) – Director Clara Milo TRAILER

SYNOPSIS: Aska oversees the pilgrimage of two young sisters through the landscapes of Iceland in their quest to appease an ill-tempered volcano. Having trapped their mother’s spirit inside a box, they race against Nature’s decay and prepare to feed her to the Snake of Fire before he brings death upon their land. *Emerging Talent Short List

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Raised in Montreal, Clara Milo’s French upbringing, bohemian entourage and early exposure to art has influenced her to tirelessly push the boundaries of narrative aesthetics. Whether it’s on paper or behind the lens, Clara seeks to create surrealist universes in order to better comprehend the world surrounding her.

8. THE OPPOSITE OF ETERNITY* (Austria, 15:00) – Director Joshua Jádi

SYNOPSIS: Anna has the difficult task of accompanying her mother Eva during her father’s slow death. She wants to gather the family together for one last time, but her mother makes excuses not to attend the bedside of her dying husband. Anna doesn’t give up and tries to put an end to her mother’s flight from reality. *Emerging Talent Short List

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Joshua Jádi is a German-Hungarian filmmaker. He studied Psychology & Psychoanalysis before turning his eye to filmmaking. He studies directing and screenwriting at the Filmacademy Vienna. His teachers include Michael Haneke, Götz Spielmann & Ulrich Seidl. THE OPPOSITE ETERNITY is a film about three generations of women and how each of them deals with the approaching death of a loved one. It was inspired by a childhood memory.

9. PETRICHOR* (UK, 15:40) – Director Louis-Jack TRAILER

SYNOPSIS: A washed up, former wunderkind of the snooker world has one last chance to revive his career. Battling with addiction and the ghosts of his past, is there more at stake than just the score? *Emerging Talent Short List

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Louis-Jack is an award-winning artist-filmmaker based in London. He was selected as a Film London Lodestar 2019 and has won the New Faces Prize at the Japan Media Arts Festival. PETRICHOR is his first drama short, funded by the BFI & Film London. It’s a dark, psychological exploration of fame, sport and depression. The film stars Paul Kaye.

10. LE MIROIR* (Australia 16:35) – Director Leila Murton Poole

SYNOPSIS: Mathilde, a mute French orphan, helps to protect Madame B, the most superstitious lady in the world, from all bad luck. Both have developed their own coping mechanisms to deal with extreme loss. When Mathilde breaks Madame B’s most prized possession, a magical mirror, she goes on a journey to fix it. Along the way, she meets 12 year old Tobias who is wise beyond his years and changes her life forever. *Emerging Talent Short List

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Leila Murton Poole is a British director, currently based in Sydney having completed her diploma in Screen and Media at Sydney Film School. With a degree in Physics and Economics and a Masters in Management, she worked in Finance before quitting to travel. She made her way from London to Sydney without flying and, inspired by what she experienced, wanted to learn how to tell stories in a universal way. Whilst she has been involved in a number of short films. LE MIROIR (The Mirror) is the first that she has both written and directed.

11. BIRTHDAY* (UK 19:16) – Director Margarita Milne TRAILER

SYNOPSIS: A boyfriend is blamed for the overdose of his girlfriend during her birthday party. *15 Emerging Talent Short List

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Margarita Milne is a London-based writer-director currently studying Directing Fiction at The National Film and Television School. She has previously been a Production Assistant on Wes Anderson’s ISLE OF DOGS, a Camera Assistant for Anamorphic Films and a Development Assistant at Blueprint Pictures. Currently, Margarita is in post-production for her graduation film, WHEN SHE WAS GOOD, and just finished an experimental drama set in Puttsborough Beach, North Devon called WAVES – see Emerging Talent (B). BIRTHDAY explores the cult of personality among a group of modern teenagers and stars Jessica Alexander (Get Even, Penny on M.A.R.S.) and Warrick Simon, with a supporting cast including Sophie Shallai, Solly McLeod, Kalifa Burton and James Aroussi.

12. RED* (Poland, 29:59) – Director Karina Węgiełek TRAILER

SYNOPSIS: The movie RED is about the scraps of life of a father and daughter grieving the death of a close family member killed suddenly in a car accident. As they try to come to terms with the void left by the loss, all their mutual resentment and finger pointing is unexpectedly interrupted by a stranger called Red. *Emerging Talent Short List

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Karina Wegielek is a first-time screenwriter and film director and a graduate of the Warsaw Film School where she studied film directing. RED is a 30-minute psychological drama which takes up the subjects of grief, guilt and the consequences it entails. It’s a story that could happen anywhere to anyone.

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