Documentary Shorts

  • Directed by Olivia Rutherford

1. A CABINET OF CURIOSITIES (UK, 03:35) – Director Olivia Rutherford WEBSITE

SYNOPSIS: A film following the decline of a man’s mental health (the director’s uncle), shown through his curious collection of things, left at his home.

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Olivia Rutherford is an award winning photographer and short filmmaker from London currently based in Paris. She specialises in travel, reportage and documentary short films.

2. THE FELL RUNNER (UK, 3:52) – Director Alex Simpson and Phillip Suddick

SYNOPSIS: One man’s devotion to fell running and the freedom it gives him.

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Alex Simpson is a born storyteller. She loves exploring and has a fascination with the big, difficult questions that we as humans sometimes find hard enough to understand, let alone answer. In her filmmaking she relishes human connections and delves into emotional subject matter. A celebration of the individuals who live near the edges and bold contemporary visuals are her twin passions. Phillip Suddick is a photographer and director based in London, making energetic and authentic work. He shoots in a relaxed and honest way, celebrating vitality, passion and the spirit of adventure.

3. SEE HOW YOU FEEL (UK, 4:02) – Director Gabi Carpenter

SYNOPSIS: An abstract representation of Marc Ho’s art. Mark Ho is a realist painter with a rich, stimulating and glamorous style. His favourite subject is the human body, utilising a variety of techniques to capture movement, facial expression and perspectives.

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Gabi Carpenter is a multi-skilled producer-director with 10 years’ of experience in the advertising and television industry. Having acquired hands-on experience working with leading companies such as MTV and CNN and multinational brands like Nespresso, Warner Music, Sony and AirFrance she is familiar with producing long and short-form content including commercials, promos, TV shows and documentaries.

4. THIS IS JOHN PEARSE – I’M A TAILOR (UK, 6:52) – Director Antony Buonomo

SYNOPSIS: This is an affectionate portrait of John Pearse, London’s funkiest tailor for over 30 years, by Antony Buonomo, Emmy-winning designer. John was co-founder of the legendary 60s boutique ‘Granny Takes a Trip’ – and is now a style fixture of London’s most interesting patch, Soho. John has dressed, impeccably and elegantly, some of the worlds most famous and beautiful people from Jack Nicholson to Mick Jagger to Leonardo DiCaprio. As John says in the film, he is still surviving, dispensing style and wisdom to anyone that walks through his door.

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Antony Buonomo is an Emmy award-winning digital artist and designer who lives and works in London.

5. COLD FEET* (Austria, 10:00) – Director Lena Vogler

SYNOPSIS: When he was three years old, Robert narrowly escaped freezing to death. However, he is unwilling to cower in fear from the forces of nature. Instead he wants to learn to use them to his ‘spiritual’ advantage. *Emerging Talent Short List

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Lena Vogler is a self-taught filmmaker born in Tyrol, Austria. She is currently studying Literature, Philosophy and Media in Innsbruck.

6. PAPADOLLOCKS* (UK, 10:56) – Director Harry Swan

SYNOPSIS: Inspired by John Smith’s ‘The Black Tower’ (1987), ‘Papadollocks’ is a journal of paranoia and anxiety as a brutalist South London tower, nestled on a hill in urban normality, establishes itself as an enigmatic presence intent on stalking the mind of an unfortunate victim, the filmmaker. *Emerging Talent

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Harry Swan is currently a student on the MA Ethnographic and Documentary film course at UCL.

7. DIGITALLY DRESSED (UK, 12:13) – Director Nicole Georgiou

SYNOPSIS: The film explores the advances in technology are creating new digital platforms for consumers to experience fashion.

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Nicole Georgiou has directed and produced 8 films since being at university, spanning from short films, documentaries and commercials.

8.TUMBLING TOWARDS HOME (Ireland, 13:59) – Director Imelda O’Reilly TRAILER

SYNOPSIS: A coming of age story about Malcolm Adams, an Irish immigrant who moves to New York in 1989 to study acting under Alan Langdon. He works through the grief from the loss of his mother and his friend Philip Seymour Hoffman. This leads to his decision of where to put his hat down and call it home. Short documentary.

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Imelda O’Reilly is an award-winning filmmaker from Kildare, Ireland. She has an MFA in film from Columbia University and her work , to date, has been represented at Cannes Film Festival and L’Atélier Cinéfondation. Imelda is also a nominee for the Student Academy Awards.

9. GARY KEMP – IN SOLO (UK, 24:00) – Director Charlie Lightening

SYNOPSIS: An intimate portrait documentary of Spandau Ballet’s Gary Kemp which explores an artist’s journey towards making a solo album.

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Charlie Lightening is an award winning Filmmaker and Photographer known for ‘Liam Gallagher: As It Was’ & ‘Black Sabbath: 13’

10. A BURNING VOICE (Finland, 29:56) – Director Pirjo Ojala WEBSITE

SYNOPSIS: Deus Twesigye from Uganda was leaving for work one morning in 2010 when his ex-girlfriend threw acid on him. At that moment his life changed completely. How do you rebuild a life after becoming a victim of an acid attack? This is an inspiring story of courage and survival.

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Director Pirjo Ojala passionate about finding genuine human centred stories that generate interest, provoke conversation and positive change.

11. PIERROT ON THE TRACKS (Italy, 38:00) – Director Massimiliano Battistella

SYNOPSIS: Nino Mallia is a multi-talented mime artist and one of the last students of French master Étienne Decroux. After many years of performing, he has turned his own home into a veritable “theatre house,” open to all artists but also to those in need. But Nino’s dream is in jeopardy as he faces eviction.

DIRECTOR’S BIOGRAPHY: Massimiliano Battistella was born in Rome. He has been shooting films since he was a teenager and studied literature at the University of Rome. Massimiliano has worked as an Assistant Director/Casting assistant in many Italian and international productions. He loves experimental and non conventional movies. Surrealism, art and comedy are elements of his world.

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