Ars Memorativa

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Director: Pau Perez Usle  Country: Spain Genre: Drama Runtime: 21 m Block A Screening: TT Cinema 21.08 Time: 4-5.15 pm

Professor Bernat Planes teaches Medieval Literature. He specialises in the work of Ramon Llull, with great vocation and concern about the transfer of knowledge. When he starts noticing the first symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, he finds moral support from his editor friend. He also finds continuity for his work in a former student currently working on her PhD thesis.

Director Biography

Pau Perez started his career in Industrial Engineering (Sabadell 1971) but then studied film directing at CECC Film School (Barcelona). Ars Memorativa (2018) is his fourth short film following La mujer del pescador (2004), Baga Biga Higa (2005) and Conte de llops (A tale of wolves) (2014) . Pau has also collaborated in other films as a writer and producer.