A Scribbled Memory


Director: Bhulla Beghal Country: UK Genre: Animation Runtime: 1 m Block G Screening: TT Cinema 22.08 Time: 7-8.15pm

We all have demons following us around. In the case of this anonymous individual, his demon is a lack of emotion. Via a real local radio interview, he tells us a harrowing story from his childhood. This animation serves as a visual element to him and the story – messy, tangled and abstract.

Director Biography

“When listening to the local radio, to this individual’s harrowing story, it was clear that this was a short story that would have a huge impact. I knew there was potential to visualise the audio recording but the style of visuals was crucial. Taking into account the nervous nature of the interviewee, I opted for an abstract, messy and colourless animation which leaves a viewer as stunned a listener of the original radio interview. The audio recording was taken by holding a phone to the speaker. I had the option of using clean audio recorded by the radio station but made a conscious decision to use the noisy, unclean and low quality audio. This audio recording aids the bleak, raw and piercing tone of the film. Keeping the contributor’s identity anonymous, as requested, was taken seriously and consent has been given to this final version.”