Vika’s Dream

Film Block: R      Cinema:  LAB 2        Date:  03.03.18              Time: 4.45-6.00 PM

Vika’s Dream

 Director: Alton ( Felipe Machado, Tiago Marcondes )

Country: Brazil

Runtime: 02 mins

Genre: Animation / Documentary / Children

Vika’s Dream is based on a true story , Vika is a young girl that lives in Jakarta – Indonesia, where she faces a lot of problems with the city floods, today she is part of a group from Unicef called the Power for Youth, a group that empowers young people in poor communities to fulfill their dreams. Vika dreams of the possibility of becoming the president of her country so that she can overcome the challenges that affect herself and her community.

Rated: U




Alton, are a director’s duo based in São Paulo Brazil, formed by Felipe Machado and Tiago Marcondes. Their focus is on animation films, especially mixed techniques such as Stop-Motion, 3D, Motion Graphics and Mixed Media. They are currently associated with São Paulo based production company called Vetor Zero / Lobo.