Film Block: X     Cinema:  LAB 2        Date:  04.03.18              Time: 12.00-1.15 PM


Director: Ethan Folk and The House of ia

Country: US /Serbia

Runtime: 28 mins

Genre:  Experimental / Dance / Multi-media / LGBT / Debut


An eye-catching collection of transformative images and hypnotic sounds, which examines and questions the idea of human sacrifice through the lens of Le Sacre du Printemps (Stravinsky’s iconic 1913 ballet), to examine violence arising from communal constructs.

Rated: 15




Ethan Folk (b. 1986) is a filmmaker. An editor of experience. As a post-disciplinary media artist whose work fuses technology and the recorded image with a variety of other mediums, Ethan seeks to transpose, expand upon, and transcend filmic concepts and approaches. 

His works include: experimental films, large-scale media installations, photography exhibitions, durational performances, contemporary dance and performance projects, music videos, and festival direction/curation. 

The House of ia birthed in 2012, and is the collaborative conceptions of Jillayne Hunter and kb Thomason. They have exhibited works and taught performance / ‘witness’ practices throughout the US, Spain, Turkey, Germany, Austria, Mexico, and Canada.