UB-13 [R: PG] UK Premiere

DIRECTOR: Juri Ferri


RUNTIME: 13 m GENRE: Drama, Historical, War 

BLOCK I: HISTORY IN THE MAKING (1)               

Following the misjudgement of its ambitious young captain, a German WWI U-boat is forced to wait for a prolonged period on the bottom of the North Sea, facing the threat of enemy torpedo ships. This will cause unprecedented physical and mental challenges for the whole crew.

Q&A with director Juri Ferri after the screening. Read NRFF’s interview with Juri.


SCREENING: Friday 24.08.18, 3.10-4.25 PM




When Juri Ferri was a little boy, his grandfather used to bring him to the cinema almost every Sunday. At some point in his life, Juri decided that he did not just want to watch films: he wanted to be part in making them, and wanted to tell his stories through film. Born and raised in Italy, Juri completed his undergraduate degree in the Netherlands, and now lives in London, where he studies at the London Film School. Whenever he can, he still goes to the cinema with his grandfather.