Thessalus & Medea

THESSALUS & MEDEA [R: PG] European Premiere

DIRECTOR: Jan Hendrik Verstraten


RUNTIME: 25 m GENRE: Drama, Historical, Action 

BLOCK N: HISTORY IN THE MAKING (2)              

 WEBSITE and TRAILER Thessalus (David Cotter) travels to his mother the oracle Medea’s (Emanuela Ponzano) hideout to kill her, only to discover his vitriol is misplaced. 

“The film looks spectacular, recalling for SEEN the gold and shadows of Julie Taymor’s acclaimed ‘Titus’. It was shot in a Napoleonic underground fort, making great use of the strange angles and cold chambers. The actors embody their roles, bringing the weight of history and family dysfunction to every glance and close-up, allowing the story to unfold in a suspenseful, almost trance-like way.” (SEEN London, May 2018). Q&A with actors David Cotter and Rhys Howells after the screening.

SCREENING: Saturday 25.08.18, 4.50-5.50 PM




Jan Hendrik Verstraten’s passion for independent film started in New York when he studied at the New School. He loved the 16 mm art of filmmaking and was lucky enough to sell his first short to the PBS channel in New York, Channel Thirteen.

After being involved in several creative businesses around the world, Jan returned to film when he moved to London.

It was in London he initially focused on screenwriting. He has won numerous awards and learned to respect the craft and the challenge of telling a good story. With his short film I Am Henry, which picked up 13 awards at festivals worldwide, he returned to film. Film critic Patrick Smith from The Telegraph called it “A terrific short starring the talented Fleur Keith.”

Thessalus & Medea is his second short, and he is currently preparing for his first feature ‘Flood’, which has won several screenplay awards.