The Swelling

SUNDAY 05/03/17     BLOCK P    4.30 pm – 6.00 pm

‘ZAAL 4’     LAB111

The Swelling 

Movie  15 min  Science Fiction, Thriller, Drama 

GERMANY, Completed Jun 2016

DIRECTED BY Tom Bewilogua

In the near future surveillance is omnipresent. Cameras and drones belong to the common cityscape like traffic lights. The sky is gray and the environment seems dead. Here “X-33“ lives in a rundown apartment complex, where strange things occur. A peculiar and pulsing bulgelike object in the wall follows him permanently at every turn. Increasingly “X-33“ falls into a nightmarish paranoia. Is his follower real? And if so, will he get rid of him?



Short Films

(Drama, Experimental, Thriller, SF)


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