The Ghost

THE GHOST  [R: PG] European Premiere 

DIRECTOR: Garrick Hamm


RUNTIME: 23 m GENRE: Drama, Historical, Family


TRAILER When Spurs legend John White was killed by a bolt of lightning in 1964, the football world was rocked by the tragedy. He was just 27 years old. His son, Rob, was only six months old and never knew his father. The man who was revered by hundreds of thousands of football fans across the country was a stranger…

‘Ghost’ is the true story of Rob’s (Felix Jamieson) search for his father, the footballing legend. Stars Emilia Fox (Silent Witness, The Pianist, Merlin) as Rob’s mum. CLICK HERE to watch NRFF’s interview with director Garrick Hamm. 

SCREENING: Saturday 25.08.18, 4.50-5.50 PM




Garrick Hamm began his career as a graphic designer, studying at Somerset College Of Arts, were he fell in love with imaged based storytelling. His film school was watching films with father and reading every screenplay book published. Hamm doesn’t watch football, play golf or shop for clothes. He lives and breathes film.

His first film, ‘Lucky Numbers’ was a complete nightmare, shot silent, on 35mm, over 14 weekends, because he and the DOP only wanted to shoot on sunny, bright, colourful days. ( a long wait in the U.K) But he learnt a lot. 

His second film ‘The Man Who Married Himself’ a surreal comedy starring Richard E Grant. Won the Grand Comedy at Rhode Island Film Festival, LA Shorts Festival and was selected for the BFI London Film Festival. 

His film ‘Retrospective’ saw him return to more visual story telling after a rather flat film, ‘Cast Offs’ which was shot all outside, at the mercy of the English weather. It saw him collaborating again with cinematographer Michael Seresin starring Charles Dance, a thriller with a moral twist in the tail.

His latest effort, is ‘The Ghost’ which Hamm adapted from the book, by the same title, a biography by Rob White. The was a complete passion project taking over four years. He fell in love with this true, tragic story, after White, a neighbour gave him the book one night after dinner.