The Cycle

Film Block: D          Cinema:  LAB 2          Date: 01.03.18          Time: 4.45-6.15 PM

The Cycle

Director: Benjamin Zhang & Dewi Tan

Country: USA / Singapore

Runtime: 13 mins

Genre:  Drama / LGBT / Men


THE CYCLE follows the homecoming journey of a gay Singaporean man, who desires his father’s acceptance of his husband, their soon-to-be born son and ultimately, himself. The man reconnects with his childhood through a game of Chinese chess with his father, and satisfies a childhood desire to learn how to cycle from him. Through this journey, the man comes to a revelation about fatherhood and the cycle of life.

Rated: PG




Benjamin Zhang is a Singapore-based strategy consultant / filmmaker / activist. An Economics graduate from New York University, he works at Accenture Strategy and devotes his spare time to film and LGBT activism. The Cycle is his first formal venture into film. 

Born and raised in Singapore, Dewi Tan is a budding filmmaker that is currently residing in New York City. Having graduated from New York University with studies in Anthropology and Film, her passion lies in learning about socio-cultural structures that govern the way of life in various communities around the world.