Storytelling Masterclass

SATURDAY 4TH MARCH 2017      3.00pm – 4.30 pm     CONFERENCE ROOM    LAB111      
Seats allocated on a first come first serve basis!
“The role of the Story in Film and TV”
Ernie Tee talks from his own impressive career in Film and TV as a script consultant about what directors, filmmakers and screenwriters need to know when working on a film or a TV programme. The various stages and different working relationships. How to avoid the most common mistakes, and above all what makes a story sparkle and different from any other story.
Ernie Tee
Script Developer / Scenario Consultant / Professor in Film History & Film Analysis at the Dutch Film and TV Academy. 
Ernie Tee is a respected script coach and script editor, and has worked for among others KRO, Lemming Film, Submarine Film, Pupkin Film, Rinkel Film, BosBros and Fu Works on the development and realisation of many feature films and TV productions. Ernie has worked on 16 productions in the last 2 years alone.