Story For An Empty Theatre

Film Block: H         Cinema:  LAB 2          Date: 02.03.18          Time: 11.30-1.00PM

Story for an Empty Theatre

Director: Aleksandr Balagura and Cesare Bedognè

Country: Italy

Runtime: 57 mins

Genre: Experimental / Feature 


This film narrates an intense story of love, disease and death, inspired by the autobiographical novel “Beyond the Blue”, by the Italian photographer and writer Cesare Bedognè

Still photographs, classical music, theatrical choreographies belonging to the Japanese Butoh’s tradition, lyrical prose, diary fragments and poems merge cinematographically, through the editing by the Russian director Aleksandr Balagura, with shots taken both in a deserted Sanatorium of the Italian Alps, the place of the writer’s past, and in the Greek island of Lesvos, the place of his present.

Through this cinematic journey we are led to the inner depths of the photographic image, the very stuff cinema is made of, revealing different layers of reality.

Rated: PG




 Aleksandr Balagura was born in Russia. He graduated from Kiev State University, Department of History and Social Sciences and became a director’s assistant at the Ukrainian Documentary Film Studio, Kiev. Since 1989, he has directed 20 documentaries which have been screened at many international film festivals, and settled in Genoa, Italy, in 1998.

For the last few years, Italian-born Cesare Bedogné has lived in Greece where he began writing. He has published four collections of poems and short stories to date. His first, autobiographical novel “Oltre l’Azzurro” (“Beyond the Blue”) was published in 2012 by ABao AQu. This novel and the author’s photographs were the basis of a theatrical performance, produced by Bismantova Theatre and by the Institute of Music and Liturgy of Reggio Emilia, Italy. Afterwards, Cesare Bedogné together with the Russian film director Alexandr Balagura, worked on a film version of the show, entitled “Story for an Empty Theatre”, which has been selected for screening by many prestigious international film festivals.