Stomping Grounds


DIRECTOR: Bertie Gilbert


RUNTIME: 20 m GENRE: Drama, Young Talent 


TRAILER Portrayed by Bill Milner (iBOY, X-Men First Class, Dunkirk, Apostle, Son Of Rambow) Monroe is a gifted dancer obsessed with being the best he can be. While saying goodbye to his family home, he recalls various fragmented memories in one long, tap dancing-filled dream sequence.

In the present day, a more mature and level headed Monroe is our vessel. Through the corridors of an increasingly temperamental, almost living-breathing house, we witness his downfall and see how his relationships were fractured almost beyond repair.

The film poses to ask the age old question of ‘what went wrong?’ and answer it in a vibrant, experimental way. Whiplash meets Billy Elliot. Q&A with director Bertie Gilbert after the screening.

SCREENING: Friday 24.08.18, 4.35-5.45 PM




Bertie Gilbert is a 21 year old director, writer and actor, based in London. He is currently serving as a pioneer for a new wave of young filmmakers, and was recently classified as one of the ‘five new Wes Andersons’ by DAZED. His whimsical, dramatic and independent films are watched by a global online community of loyal viewers.

His notable successes include short film, BLUE SUSHI, which was funded by Google, and explored the story of a band’s lead singer coming out as trans, and the media’s attempt to manipulate and define one’s identity. The film earned significant praise both in the digital and linear world. This was followed up in 2016 with LET IT BE. In 2017, he finished work on the inspirational PLAYGROUND and has recently wrapped on STOMPING GROUNDS – starring Bill Milner.

He is currently developing two full length feature projects, one of which is based upon his short ROCKS THAT BLEED.