Someone – Chain Reaction


DIRECTOR: Tessa Rose Jackson & David Spearing


RUNTIME: 5 m GENRE: Music, Comedy 

BLOCK A: MYSTERIES & MEMORIES (1)                

WEBSITE and TRAILER Chain Reaction is the fourth and final Music Short in a series supporting the same-titled EP by Someone.

Each film portrays a different, eccentric ‘someone’. An outsider, in one way or another. This short is a surreal story about a struggling author who suddenly becomes the subject of her own next book. As it is set in the 1920s, the goal was to explore old-style filmmaking, so no modern effects were used in the process.

Inspired by classics such as The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and early Burton work, a whole set was built from hardboard and plaster in order to place the film in its own little abstract universe.

SCREENING: Thursday 23.08.18, 12-1.30 PM




Someone is a project, initiated by Amsterdam-based artist Tessa Rose Jackson, that celebrates and explores creativity in all its different forms. 







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