Some Girls

Film Block: P      Cinema:  LAB 2        Date:  03.03.18              Time: 12.45-2.15 PM

Some Girls

Director: Cait Lyn Adamson

Country: UK

Runtime: 19 mins

Genre: Drama / LGBT / Youth / Debut


Some Girls follows the story of Mina, a shy teenage girl, coming to terms with her sexuality. The story is told in a fever dream, as Mina recalls the beginnings of new friendships and the desires and affections she develops for another girl from her school, Lana. Mina is swept up in the excitement of rebellion and experimentation, discovering new parts of teenage-hood that

Rated: 15




 Cait Lyn Adamson is a London based Producer, Director, Assistant Director, and Creative Collaborator. Born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and raised in Sydney Australia Cait Lyn has a background in Comparative Literature, Media and Cinema studies and has always had a passion for chasing and creating compelling stories.


A recent graduate of the MA Filmmaking program at the London Film School, Cait Lyn is involved in a wide range of film projects from a spectrum of genres and cultures, working on short films and filmic material that has been made in the United Kingdom, Serbia, Finland, Turkey, Kazakhstan and the United States. With a natural creative hunger, a curiosity for unique visions and voices, and a passion for deeply personal and human stories, Cait Lyn continues to creatively collaborative and pursue film in all its forms.