Film Block: L        Cinema:  LAB 2        Date:  02.03.18              Time: 6.30-8.00 PM


Director: Ruud Satijn

Country: Netherlands

Runtime: 10 mins

Genre: Drama / Women / Benelux


Esther has got what it takes to be really successful in the business district where she applies for a job. Of course, she will fit in there! She has the killer instinct and the ambitions of a winner. But she hasn’t counted on a stranger who can see behind her mask.

Rated: PG

Q&A with director Ruud Satijn after this block. 




Ruud Satijn (Netherlands) studied Film at the Sint Lucas School of the Arts in Brussels and at the Dutch Film Academy in Amsterdam. His short film The Palace was screened in more than 30 countries worldwide and won several awards. Currently, Ruud is developing screenplays for films to be shot in Amsterdam and New Mexico USA.