She Is Juiced

Film Block: N        Cinema:  LAB 2        Date:  02.03.18              Time: 10.00-11.00 PM

She Is Juiced

Director: Lois Norman

Country: UK

Runtime: 58 mins

Genre: Documentary / LGBT / Women / Feature  


She is Juiced, A Creative Feature Documentary by Lois Norman, that opens up the worlds, works and creative juices of four powerful and passionate LGBTQIA+ female artists. Filmed with their work, they question and share, how we express all of who we are and all of who we can dare to be.

From winning art in Madonna’s Artforfreedom awards, Pleasure and online Pornography, crackling word mash-ups of Love and Loss, to Queer Community Portraiture, Jo Hay, Ope Lori, Peta Lily and Sarah Jane Moon work with their sexuality, gender, difference and humour to squeeze the best from life through Art.

Filmed entirely by first-time feature filmmaker and creative Artist Lois Norman, this is a sensitive work that allows space to experience four vital and diverse, female, creative impulses, both through the eyes of fellow creatives and in their own words.

Rated: 15

Q&A with director Lois Norman after this block




Lois Norman is a British/Australian Creative Artist, whose work focuses on the bravery and diversity of the human condition. Primarily, using the Female word and image as a lens, she explores and questions the truth of who we are and the strength it takes to be all of who we can dare to be. She has developed a form of film that she terms Creative Documentary: a fuse of interview and the tastes of experimental film.

Her short documentary: Drawing on Speech which was created in collaboration with Tate Curator and Artist Michele Fuirer, was screened at Tate Britain and Tate Modern 2014/2015 and she has was invited to screen her first feature Creative Documentary, She Is Juiced, exploring the works of Artists Jo Hay, Ope Lori, Peta Lily and Sarah Jane Moon at Tate Britain in June 2017, as part of the ground-breaking Queer Britain Exhibition and the London Pride launch 2017.