SUNDAY 05/03/17     BLOCK V    4.45 pm – 6.15 pm

‘ZAAL 1’     LAB111


Movie • 1 hr 21 min  Arthouse, Comedy, Drama

UK, Completed Feb 2016, Dutch Premiere

DIRECTED BY Henry Coombes

La Belle Allee Productions is delighted to present ‘Seat In Shadow’, a feature length film by Henry Coombes, in which the quiet domesticity of reclusive artist Albert is pitted against the raucous self absorption of gay youth cultures’ excesses, in a hilarious exploration of analytical extremes. When he’s challenged by his good friend Marcelle to apply his years of psychotheraputic experience to curing her lazy homosexual grandson Ben of his inertia and fear of happiness in a cold dark Scotland, a fantastic journey of wit and imagination unfolds, as Albert attempts to get to the root of what’s making Ben so afraid – with the help of You Tube advice guru Petunia and a cheese plant. 

A bravura performance by actor David Sillars makes Coombes debut feature a witty and delightful joy, while still retaining all the hallmarks of a truly original and authentic artist film-maker…’Seat in Shadow’ is a tour de force of bravaura film-making. Exploring the connections between consciousness and creativity, filmmaker Henry Coombes challenges the view to assume the posture of a voyeur, encouraging them to see the role of psychosynethesis therapy as a means to get to heart of the problems besetting the beleaguered boy bugged by unhappiness…

‘Seat in Shadow’ had it’s world premiere at Edinburgh International Film Festival where it was in competition for the Michael Powell Award for Best British Feature, and Best Actor in a British Feature.




(Drama, Romance, Comedy, LGBTQ). Q&A with actor David Sillars follows after this block.


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