Finalists in the Amsterdam 2018, New Renaissance Screenwriting Competition

A big thank you to all the screenwriters who entered the AMSTERDAM 2018 Screenwriting Competition. Below are the results of the finalists who will be invited to attend the festival.


Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony, on 04 March 2018.


Feature Screenplay Finalists


Anh Sang by Barry Brennessel (USA) 

Drama, Romance, LGBT

WINNER Best LGBT Drama Screenplay


French Indochina, 1917. Two teenage boys discover their feelings for one another transcend mere friendship. But the hardships under French colonial rule and the effects of the Great War alter their lives forever. (Grand Prize, 2017 Rhode Island International Film Festival Screenplay Competition)


As An Actress by Maria Hinterkoerner (Austria)

Biography, Drama

WINNER Best Drama Screenplay


In 1971, young French model Maria Schneider gets cast in Bertolucci’s scandal-ridden “Last Tango in Paris” next to an imposing Marlon Brando. Starstruck and inexperienced, Maria finds herself torn between what she wants and how much she is willing to swallow for her breakthrough as an actress. (Finalist, Cannes Screenplay Contest; Best Screenplay – Écu – European Independent Film Festival)


Dietrich Danzig by John Pisano-Thomsen (Canada)

Historical Fiction, LGBT


Dietrich Danzig is the world’s last known living survivor of the Pink Triangles arrested for homosexuality during the reign of the Third Reich. Through a 2011 interview with Dr. Theodore Bitten of the United States Holocaust Museum, Dietrich, at the age of 95, takes us back to 1935 where we are led into his young life as a successful ballet dancer with the Berlin Staatsoper; a gay man suppressed by the enforcement of immorality law Paragraph 175; a lover pursuing an impossible romance with a conflicted childhood pal forced by his stepfather to be a Nazi officer; and a victim of tragic circumstance that leads to his internment in Dachau. (Best Feature Screenplay, 11th LA Indie Film Festival Screenplay Competition (2017); 2017 OMAHA Film Festival Screenplay Competition)


Eyes Of Dawn by Sheri Davenport (USA)

Historical Fiction

WINNER Best Historical Fiction Screenplay


Eyes of Dawn offers a new look at the life of Mata Hari. It tells the story of a bold woman far ahead of her time, a woman in touch with the strength, beauty and power of her femininity and her sexuality. A woman who loved with passion, danced with abandon, never gave up on finding the child who was taken from her. And in the end, she was a woman betrayed by men who were threatened by her audacity and free spirit -men in power who forced her into the world of espionage and ultimately took her life.


Hick by Marianna Moneymaker (USA)

Drama, Historical Fiction, LGBT


This story is inspired by the real-world relationship between reporter Lorena Hickok (Hick) and Eleanor Roosevelt. It’s 1932 New York City when Associated Press crime reporter, Lorena Hickok’s next assignment brings her to a crossroads and she must choose: her career or follow Eleanor Roosevelt, her lover and best friend to the White House. (Empire Award Historical Biography, New York Screenplay Contest (2015))


Kid Arachnid by Hogan Short (Canada)

Drama, Horror, Thriller, LGBT

When a melancholic young man opens up to his friends and family about a secret he keeps, they reject him for it, causing a horrifying change within himself.


The Plague Doctor by Emanuele Mengotti (USA)

Horror, Mystery, Psychological Thriller


Upon being called to care for an elder, a young doctor finds himself trapped in deranged visions. The echoes of a timeless love cause him to mix reality with the obscure legend of a haunted Venetian island and the ancient Italian mask of the plague doctor.


Read an interview with Kitania Kavey, last year’s winner of the Best Feature Screenplay, ‘Unaccompanied Minor’.

Short Screenplay Finalists


Empathic by John Burdeaux (USA)


WINNER Best Drama Short Screenplay

A young boy accompanies his physician father on morning rounds on the hospice floor of a hospital… and an innocent game of hide-and-seek leads him to the brink of a disturbing revelation.

Biog: John Burdeaux grew up in Texas, attended film school in California, and currently lives in New York City with his wife and two nearly grown children.  For the last few years, he has been writing short screenplays, and has won numerous awards at film festivals and script competitions.


In Orbit by Katie McNeice (Ireland)

Drama, Experimental, Action, Animation, LGBT

WINNER Best LGBT Short Screenplay

Forty years later, another lifetime has gone by, one woman recounts her role in the greatest mission of all time: In Orbit. It is a memory of loneliness and a life un-lived, until to love means to leave it behind.

Biog: Katie is an Irish writer and producer who intends to make her directorial debut with her nominated screenplay, In Orbit. She writes subversive, evocative characters, often isolated, whose rich internal lives are explored through the language of film. 

 She is currently a producer on the audiovisual team of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, a global learning company. Previous to this she was a content coordinator at IFTN – the Irish Film & Television Network. She received a BA in English & Philosophy and MA in Film Studies from University College Cork. 

Her past work includes Flaneur, one of twelve short films composing upcoming feature anthology One Night in Dublin. Other projects in development include a feature adaptation of her own Of Magpies, a dystopian rural tragedy set in Co. Offaly, Ireland. 


Neon Creatures by Lane Bachelder (USA)

Romantic Comedy, LGBT

Two strangers spend a night navigating through the city streets, questioning their romantic desires as a connection begins to blossom.

Biog: Lane Bachelder is a screenwriter currently finishing up his last semester at the University of Iowa where he is double majoring in Cinema and English. Growing up in a small town, Lane quickly became fascinated with the escapism of cinema, developing a passion for telling stories on the big screen.

The local single-screen theatre helped nurture his passion for cinema, inspiring him to pursue a career as a filmmaker. While at the University of Iowa, Lane has been influenced by the films of Pedro Almodovar and Todd Haynes and has taken numerous screenwriting courses in order to hone his craft.

He aspires to tell narratives that challenge perceived assumptions of identity, gender, and sexuality. Lane is 21 and currently living in Iowa City. 


You Say Hello by Daniel Talbott (USA)

Drama, LGBT

On his birthday, a young man is determined to have it be his lonely last. An unexpected gift shifts the course of his plans in a profound and lasting way.

Biog: Daniel Talbott is currently a writer for OZZ with Blue Ribbon Content/Warner Bros., and in development with Jim Parsons’ company That’s Wonderful Productions for his feature film, Yosemite. He’s a writer for Weinstein Company and Spike TV on The Mist, based on the Stephen King novella, and his hour-long drama pilot Summer was optioned and in development with Sonar Entertainment and Killer Films.

His numerous plays include Nick and Zoe (Arctic Group/IRT), Slipping (Rattlestick, The Side Project) and Yosemite (Rattlestick). Daniel is also a director and an actor, as well as an artistic director of the Lucille Lortel and NYIT Award-winning Rising Phoenix Rep.

He received a 2011 Theatre Hall of Fame Fellowship and was also named one of the 15 People of the Year by Daniel is a graduate of Juilliard, a proud member of Echo Theatre, and a member of the Actor’s Studio.


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