Film Block: U     Cinema:  LAB 2        Date:  03.03.18              Time: 9.45-11.00 PM


Director: Mavi Phillips

Country: USA / France

Runtime: 17 mins

Genre: Drama / Women


A surrealist psychological adventure, ‘Pluck’ tells the story of a twentysomething English woman, who’s traveling alone through Europe on a journey of self-discovery, searching for answers through sexuality and spirituality. While in the Italian countryside, staying in a castle, now a hotel, she’s drawn to a young escort of an older woman. We follow her as she spends the day exploring the village and herself. 

Rated: 15




Mavi Phillips is an artist, filmmaker, photographer, and curator who creates cathartic surrealist journeys that take into question society and reality. Born in Portland, Maine in 1987, her work intermixes photography, performance, experimental ethnography and narrative cinema to translates investigations into the identity of female sexuality, the interrelationship of spirituality, sexuality, and transcendence.  

She is an autonomous filmmaker who writes, directs, and produces her own films under her production company Orgone Productions. These films have sprawled across France, Morocco, Hungary, Italy, and the USA. As a female filmmaker writing stories about women, she wants to change the way we see female sexuality, giving it a voice in a society and encourage women to find their own strength within, and others the freedom to be themselves.