Andreas Olenberg (1990), grew up in Espelkamp with Daniel Littau. At the age of 13 (summer 2003), they founded the film team “Camcore”, where Andreas took charge of direction and cinematography and gained his first experience in video editing and writing film scripts. After his Abitur at Söderblom Gymnasium in 2009, Andreas moved to Bielefeld in order to study Computer Science in Media and Design. During his studies, he proved to be creative and to have technical knowledge in cinematography and film editing processes. It was not less than four times that he and his team won the first prize at the film festival UniVideoMagazin. Three more films ranked second and third. 

Andreas soon proved to be successful outside of university. At the Camgaroo Award in Munich, films such as Snake Eater, Halbnah or Maniac were among the first three places, six times in total. He was given the third place for Sweet Sweet Clara at the Shocking Shorts Festival by 13th Street Universal and Sky. In 2014, his so far most successful short film Revolve was presented at Cannes Film Festival. In the same year, Andreas is awarded with Der Deutsche Kamerapreis. At the age of 24 at that time is the youngest award winner since the first award ceremony in 1982.

In autumn 2016, Andreas and Daniel wrote the script for “Phantomschmerz“. Although it was initially planned to be a short film, they developed the idea further and produced their first feature film. Despite the refusal of financial support, “Phantomschmerz” was produced on their own, reinforced by a team of keen colleagues.