Nurse Me

 Film Block: K        Cinema:  LAB 2        Date:  02.03.18              Time: 4.45-6.15 PM

Nurse Me

Director: Kezia Barnett

Country: New Zealand

Runtime: 12 mins

Genre: Dance / Experimental


Emerging from the sea’s dark folds, three lone figures are reborn into a post-apocalyptic world. The nurses – bearers of solace, fetish, and sexual power – have been drawn back to the center, the vortex, to where it all began

Based on the dance ‘Nurses’ from MaryJane & Phil O’Reilly’s stage production In Flagrante.  

Rated: 15




Kezia Barnett is an accomplished filmmaker, director, and artist. Her short films have been shown in festivals around the world, and her music videos and international commercials have received numerous accolades.