NRFF Interviews Flying To Ground

Flying To Ground

Movie  22 min  Experimental, Music


DIRECTED BY Aram Bedrossian, Naomi Shon * Nominated for Best Experimental Film and Best Cinematography

Who are you? Beyond the name, face, age and race, who are you? Beyond opinion, career, interest and belief, who are you? 

This stunning film explores the beauty of the elusive yet undeniably imminent truth of who we are at the core of our being. It is about transformation, an emptying of all fear, judgement, vanity and doubt so we may be filled with the fruits of love, peace, truth and wisdom. It is about forgetting “who we are” to remember who we truly are.

1. Hi Aram and Naomi. I’d like to congratulate you both on ‘Flying To Ground’. It has received  nominations for Best Experimental Film and Best Cinematography. How does it feel to be part of the LONDON 2017 New Renaissance?

Thank you. It is truly a privilege to be included in your festival. From watching the trailer you made its clear to see the amazing level of talent in this festival. Some of the most beautiful images I’ve seen.

2. Can you tell our audience what the story is about and what inspired you to make such a deeply thought-provoking and beautiful film?

The story is about an emptying of self that you may be filled with the good fruits of love, kindness and truth. It’s about relying upon the greater force of the Universe for all things; in complete surrender and faith. This same force is what inspired us to make the film (and the music).

3. There are so many awe-inspiring scenes in the film. Where did you shoot the film? How long did it take to make? What was the most challenging scene to produce?

Thank you. We shot in Los Angeles, Los Osos, Death Valley and New York City. It took a couple of months to shoot all the footage and a few months to edit. Since we made the music as well the process of that added much more time to the completion of the film.

The most challenging scene was the scene in Death Valley (angel upon the sand dune). We scouted the location the night before and went back at 4am to catch the sunrise in the shot. When we got there it was pitch black and the sky was blanketed with stars. The dunes were about a 30 minute walk from the parking lot and there was absolutely no visible light to guide us. In all honesty, we both prayed and asked for guidance and surely enough, we ended up on the dune seen in the shot right as the sun was about to rise. We both felt completely like vessels in that moment. As if we didn’t do anything; we just showed up and allowed the shot to exist. In that sense, though it was the most difficult, it was also the easiest.


4. Have you always wanted to be filmmakers? What films / filmmakers inspire you?

We have. We are inspired by truth. If the films have good amounts of it, we are filled. There are too many to name, but you know the truth when you see it. American Beauty is a masterpiece.

6. How have festival audiences responded to the film? What is the central message of the film that you want audiences to take after watching it?

We’re not sure how they’ve responded to it. The film is definitely challenging. It requires surrender to watch it as well as patience and most people do not like either.

We hope that people feel the steady hand that inspires all life to exist. That they may know the love of God is real and alive, so they may finally lean upon Him for all things.

7. What’s next for you?

As musicians, we’ve been working on our live show featuring the songs from the film. We plan on touring soon and spreading the message through it.

We also have some feature ideas but those will come to life at a later point.

Listen to music by  H O M E here!


FRIDAY  18/08/17     BLOCK I   4.15 pm – 5.45 pm Don’t miss it!



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