NRFF interviews director Mark J. Rigby, Director of Dogs of War

DOGS OF WAR [R: 15] World Premiere

DIRECTOR:  Mark J. Rigby


RUNTIME: 40 m GENRE: Drama, Crime, Action 


TRAILER ‘Daggers will kiss flesh, murders of crows will soar! ‘Cry ‘Havoc!’ and let slip the DOGS of WAR!

DOGS of WAR’ is a Shakespearean gangster story. This contemporary and imaginative retelling of ‘Julius Caesar’ is set within the dark criminal underworld of the semi-fictitious city of Londinium. 



Originally from the North West of England, Mark Rigby is now based in London.  UK. Short Films: Loser (2012), Silent Disco (2013), Snatchers (2015), Dogs of War (2018).

Spoken Word & Music Videos: Broke (2015), Somewhere, Nowhere (2016) – selected to feature at the London Southbank Centre’s 2018 poetry exhibition in conjunction with the National Poetry Library. 

Documentary: Birch Avenue Stories (2015) – which examined the lives of homeless and vulnerable adults and their integration back into society through drama and film.

Branded Content Films: Coca-Cola (Holidays Are Coming), Nike Air Max, Samsung S6, NatWest, Sony/Stromae, DC Comics.

Pre-Production: untitled short film set for a 2019 release – an urban fairytale set in present day London.

Dogs of War will be the first film Mark has entered into competition.