Near Change

Film Block:         Cinema:  LAB 2          Date: 01.03.18          Time: 11.30-1.00 PM

Near Change

Director: André Sogliuzzo

Country: USA

Runtime: 10 mins

Genre:  Drama / Dark Comedy / Debut

Rated: 15


Sometimes in life you find yourself at a crossroads between who you are, and the life you find yourself living. Dino and his best friend and associate Tony, are mid-level mafia foot soldiers. As they wait for breakfast in a diner, on an ordinary day like any other, Dino realizes he has reached his fork in the road. Unless “This” is all there is…something is going to have to change. 

Rated: 15




André Sogliuzzo, a native New Yorker, is an actor, director, songwriter, and well-known voiceover artist. He has been seen and heard on Film, Stage, Animated Features and Television, live Radio Drama, scores of Video Games, and hundreds of Commercials and Television Promos. He was recently listed by IMDB as one of the top 20 video game actors of all time.

The shortlist of directors André has worked with includes-Darren Aronofsky, Taylor Hackford, Michael Bay, Bob Zemeckis, Guillerimo Del Toro, and Oliver Stone. Having absorbed much in his career in film, Near Change represents André’s debut as a filmmaker himself. Finding film as a medium with boundless opportunities for storytelling, André is thrilled to put his many talents to work in Near Change, as its Director, Actor, Editor, and Music Composer. 


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