Memories Wrapped in Paper Planes

Film Block: J        Cinema:  LAB 2          Date: 02.03.18          Time: 3.00-4.45 PM

Memories Wrapped up in Paper Planes

Director: Antonia Rehnen

Country: Netherlands

Runtime: 11 mins

Genre:  Animation / Benelux



Old black and white films form backdrops for animations, which, accompanied by the spherical sounds of the band Kinetophone, reveal scenes that resemble a daydreamscape. Like thoughts that either appear and disappear fleetingly, or linger for a little while, the film sequences are lined up: 
In the turmoil of the city, a red curtain opens upon a winter scene of skaters on frozen canals shadowed by paper snowflakes.

In Memories wrapped in paper planes ruminations of time and memories seem to wander.It visualizes the reuse of film footage and exploids the inner mindscapes of the artist, which together, display the human mind as a limitless terrain of discovery. 

Rated: U




In her art practice, Antonia Rehnen (1986, Neusustrum, Germany) uses printmaking material, found footage and collages to shape stop-motion animations. She approaches her work as a narrative form, both intuitive as deliberate.