Les Démantlai

Film Block: X     Cinema:  LAB 2        Date:  04.03.18              Time: 12.00-1.15 PM

Les Démantlai

Director: Reem Samarani

Country: Lebanon

Runtime: 22 mins

Genre:  Black comedy  / Spaghetti Western / World Premier

Two clans, sworn enemies, living under the same roof. When Uncle Maurice dies, the unusual harmony within this divided family is disrupted. They learn that the deceased bequeaths to them all his fortune under one condition: that they unite again. They have 48 hours to make their decision or the money will be gone.

Rated: PG

Q&A with director Reem Samarani after this block




Born in 1994, Reem Samarani is a young Lebanese director and a graduate in film from the Institute of Film Studies at L’USJ. To date, she has directed three films:

2015 – JEAN-PAUL TOUSSEUL – Stop motion

2016 – PELOTE – film d’adaptation

2017 – LES DÉMANTLAI – Film de diplôme