In The Mirror


SUNDAY 05/03/17     BLOCK S     11.00 am – 12.30 pm

‘ZAAL 1’     LAB111

In The Mirror

Movie 27 min 38 sec Drama, Family

FRANCE,CANADA Completed Apr 2016

DIRECTED BY Manuel Mercier

In New York, a son finds his transgender father

– a medium length film violently delicate.

Joëlle is not your average father. When her son suddenly turns up in NY just when her life is in full reconstruction after a sex reassignment, she’s not ready to play the doting father. Her son can see that she’s gone down a notch. Crap job, tiny flat. and there’s a transgender support group that meets there. She can’t take being constantly scrutinized, questioned and judged by every Tom, Dick and Harry. Her son’s arrival might just be the last straw. (Released in partnership with UNESCO Chaire Sexual Health & Human Rights)



Short Films

(Drama, Thriller, LGBTQ). Q&A with filmmaker Manuel Mercier and Coen Haver follows after this Block.



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