Film Block: I         Cinema:  LAB 2          Date: 02.03.18          Time: 1.15-2.45 PM

Fuego (Fire)

Director: Alice McKinney

Country: UK

Runtime: 10 mins

Genre: Documentary / LGBT / Women / Debut  


Don’t smother the truth: a Polish immigrant returns to visit home, after leaving for Scotland in search of a better life. On this childhood farm, a past life of taboo is uncovered, as well as the heart-breaking sacrifice made to find safety.

Rated: PG

Q&A with director Alice McKinney after this block




Alice McKinney grew up in Dublin, Ireland and moved to Edinburgh, Scotland to study media at University. During this time she discovered a keen interest in creating short documentaries.

Her first documentary, Shepherdess followed successful sheep dog trainer Julie Hill and her new way of training her pack of dogs “the natural way” in the Scottish Borders. She made her final dissertation project, Fuego, on her own with no budget or crew and drew on her own life by documenting her girlfriend Marta. This film came about as an exploration of Alice’s understanding of sexuality, and the stigma and taboo that still exists around the subject.

She has since graduated from Queen Margaret University in July 2017, with a First Class Honours degree.