Fantasie Impromptu – A Prologue

Film Block: X    Cinema:  LAB 2        Date:  04.03.18              Time: 12.00-1.15 PM

Fantasie Impromptu – A Prologue

Director: Duda Gorter

Country: Brazil

Runtime: 20 mins

Genre:  Drama

“Fantaisie impromptu – a prologue” is the story of Laura, a middle-aged woman, unsatisfied with her day-to-day life and marriage. She gets to know a new piano student, and all her the enthusiasm for life returns.

Rated: U




Duda Gorter is a Brazilian storyteller – she started working as an actress in theatre and then worked as a theatre director’s assistant in Rio de Janeiro. She attended film school in Rio and has worked on many films (shorts/features) in a lot of different functions, including, script consultant, art director, screenwriter, producer, and now the director of her own films.