Film Block: D          Cinema:  LAB 2          Date: 01.03.18          Time: 4.45-6.15 PM


Director: Dorian Carli-Jones

Country: USA

Runtime: 09 mins

Genre:  Drama / LGBT / Men


A gay man is forced to give up the last remaining vestige of yet another failed relationship: his ex’s jacket. But during the post-breakup stuff exchange, belongings are not the only things that get swapped.

Rated: 15




Dorian Carli-Jones is an award-winning independent filmmaker based in New York City. Since graduating from film school at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, he has gone on to write, direct, and produce numerous films, as well as web series and music videos. His most recent films include China Remix, a documentary short about the burgeoning African hip-hop scene in south China, and Target Practice, a short coming-of-age tale set among the cornfields of the American heartland. To learn more about Dorian and his work, visit